Farage and Edinburgh protest am the first to post on this ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, May 16, 2013.

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  1. "Dozens" shouting "racist nazi scum". Sound like an informed bunch, don't they?
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  2. From what I know of Nigel Farage, I'm sure that he would consider there to be far worse places in which to be forcibly held.
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  3. Members of the Cameron clan obviously.
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  4. Anybody else see the irony of calling somebody who's married to a German woman and is trying to promote democracy as a Racist and a Nazi.
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  5. Well, there was this bloke called A**** H***** who was married to a German lass and stood for democratic election, can't remember what happened to him though.
  6. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Never married.

    My missus is swanning round the Grassmarket. Should I let her know?
  7. If she's in the market for grass, she's probably too mellowed out to worry about it. Hide the munchies, though.
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  8. I would imagine that the plod had to drag him out. There is a rumour where I am that Nigel is going to stand against Damien Collins in Shepway (Folkestone and Hythe). Best of luck to him!
  9. This just goes to prove how intolerant the hard left are of anyone else's opinion, to the extent that attempted intimidation perfectly admissible in an attempt to 'silence' elected politicians, no matter what their political orientation, by those who will never be elected. Remember, if you aren't with them then you must be some sort of 'fascist'. Just my humble opinion.....

    Mind you, from what I've seen of Nigel Farage (and I voted UKIP in the recent council elections) he wouldn't have been remotely bothered by all this. He doesn't come across as easily scared and this would have been the perfect opportunity for an extra pint and maybe to take some photos of the lefties through the window.
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  10. ACAB, one to watch in Kent could be Tonbridge & Malling. The current MP, Sir John Stanley is standing down at the next General Election. There will be plenty of wannabe Tory MP's throwing their hats into the ring for that particular safe seat.
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  11. The Labourite faithful Abbot & Livingstone, her contribution on todays Daily Politics showed how backwards Labour MP's are in wanting this Country to recover.

    As for Livingstone, he'll feel right at home with the UAF Dinosaurs.