Far too much spare time even for students?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Fauna, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. Providing good banter

  2. Need to go and get a room/life

  1. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that it seems to be a select few posting on this board who spend their time chatting to each other? Is their contribution useful or should they just go and get a room together?
  2. That said Fauna, it is the holidays and if you aren't working....

    Still there's no-one on here from CUOTC regularly, so I'm playing by myself until september.
  3. Playing by yourself? or playing with yourself?
  4. Fair point Fauna! I do need to get a life, but at the moment have Sweet FA to do!
  5. May I suggest Cadet Camps?
  6. No you may not. :D
    I'm off again for 3 weeks doing Outward Bound-type stuff in about 2 weeks, so you'll not hear from me then! Do you think you'll be alright without me Fauna? ;)
  7. I am here Operator, you not going on any expeds?
  8. I've got Main board next week Steptoe, then only exped is Baltic sailing. Doing sailing across the North Sea in my own time. Still, it's all fairly quiet.
  9. Operator I dont suppose you were in Cowes with your sailing venture this last week? There were a load of OTC types down in Cowes on tuesday night,
    Birdage was excellent but the blokes couldnt have been more chinos and hackett if they had tried, boat shoes are great on boats, on boats, on boats, on boats! ONLY ON BOATS. (THEY are uncomfortable smelly and impractical - you look like nonces ban boat shoes!)

    Every now and again im very proud that the Aber OTC live in jeans and hoodies, save for the unmentioned element in pataloons and blazers. We are student first and foremost any pretence at being above that cannot really be carried off very convincingly, please can we ditch the rolled up copy of The Times under the arm, look and be normal people in our early twenties and late teens?
    It does look stupid, and you were bloody obvious, from the opposite side of the bar as being OTC.

    I have had a bad week this rant might be retracted later.

  10. Sorry all, i do need a life but like macks have fa to do at the moment am stuck in salisbury plain with nothing to do!!!!
  11. countrylad and macks will always have to much spare time on their hands, no one in their right mind would employ them and just look at them, if countrylad does too much exercise he's in danger of loosing weight. macks on the other hand, havent you got another marathon to train for? or the new CO to be popping over to tea's for?

    more inane banter, more rumours, more dropping people in the sh*t..........

    countrylad, you could work all summer on getting your end away, couple of month stalking and planning should do it!
  12. Already working on it big fella, actually i'm off next week to go running(well fast walking) up Pen-y-fan. I need to shed the belly so i've decided to go and hurt myself in some welsh mountains.
  13. Hey macks, hows the swimming going?
  14. Funny you should say that... :D
    And no, Fauna, it's not a swimming marathon! :roll:
  15. how are you on salisbury plain and on the internet?