Far Cry 3

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Ritch, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. As long as there is no malaria it should be good.
  2. The unofficial tagline for the game is 'Start taking your Malaria tablets.' So I think it'll be making a return.
  3. Still good tho
  4. Just as long as you don't spend 10 minutes driving between objectives and going through 3 identical checkpoints, oh and weapons more reliable than Whitney Houstons commitment to her 2012 tour would be nice

    still burning pretty much everything was frn for a while
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  5. The release date has been pushed back until November 30th.

    It looks fantastic. The newest video's on YouTube are guides to the island, voiced by a CIA guy you meet in the game I think.
    Also, from what I've been reading, there is tons of side-missions, quests and other things to keep you busy. The island's have a wide array of wildlife, which you can hunt with a Bow & Arrow (Rambo Style) or other weapons, and then skin and collect their meat for money to buy new weapons.

    Far Cry 3 Animals - Far Cry Wiki - the list of animals you can hunt, or that hunt you!

    New demo walkthrough; Far Cry 3 PAX 2012 Demo - YouTube
  6. Agree. And hopefully you don't finish the first map to do exactly the same thing on the second map.

    Those checkpoint are so annoying
  7. Well that looks like my winter evenings sorted then.

    It has to be better than 2 though unless the developers are really stupid.
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  8. I liked 2, but it irritated me when the entire country is shooting at you. When doing a mission for the APR you'd think they'd call their checkpoints and tell them not to murder the shit out of their hired helper...

    The graphics were pretty good though and I loved just driving about the place.
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  9. The visuals and atmosphere were awesome. The driving through countless checkpoints and vehicles that drove like shit were not.
  10. I think Far Cry 3 is going to take up a lot of my time over Battlefield 3. I'm looking forward to being able to do as I want, when I want, almost like Red Dead Redemption!

    I'm going to see if Far Cry 3 lives up to its claims of being able to assault objectives from multiple angles. Either wiping out a guard post stealthily, from the sea, Rambo style or just run everyone over with a 4 ton cargo truck? Personally, I think I'd mount the seaborne assault with the boat that has a Dushka bolted to the front!

    I've been reading all the articles I can find about walk-throughs, demo's and I've been looking at the video's on YouTube. It looks like on Nov. 29th, a truly amazing game will be released.
  11. Played it briefly this evening looks good and life stealing!!!!
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  12. You tried any major hunting yet Tinners? I've gotta say, the Leopards, Tigers and Bears are ******* hard. It takes a whole mag of 7.62 to the head to drop them.
  13. I had a quick go yesterday. Are there difficulty levels because the 'pirates' are very stupid and can't seem to hit me at all.
    Every time I try to craft the wallet or rucksack by hunting beasts some bloody predator attacks me - now they are difficult to kill.