Far Cry 2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Warrior-Webbing, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Not that I have played the UK version yet..... but I would strongly suggest if you have a PC, 360 or PS3 this game is well worth the asking price!

    Crysis, set in Africa, with no monsters, real world wpns, lots of ammo, and plenty of blood, you even get the chance to shoot animals!

    The other major thing is that the map loads in 1 x load, so no silly loading times bewteen areas.

    No two games plays out the same. Rated by me, as the best game yet!

    Its UK date is this Friday (24th) but I belive its available via the normal places online.
  2. I saw the video for the map editor in this and it looked pretty good. Far Cry was a very good game. I've just finished playing Crysis Warhead which apart from the pathetic monsters was quite a good game. Even on my C2D E8400 with an 8800GTX it still chugged in places!
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Hmm, might have this. Far Cry was excellent, Crysis even better - Crysis and COD 4 were the last games I got round to tackling.

    *puts on list*
  4. I played it today (out on friday)
    very enjoyable! The only fault i can find is the rediculous (sp?) amount of bullets the bad guys can take online!
  5. I can't play it online yet, still waiting for my purchased copy to get here! So im stuck on single player, on the errr advanced single player version errrrrrr

    Love the way the wps jam! I think I have the worst AK in Africa, it jams every other mag!
  6. First impression is that it's 'kin ace but can see it costing me a new graphics card...
    Couple of niggles with the menu and interactions - They are slow and unresponsive, would hope that it gets patched out though.
  7. i got a 'dodgy' copy fer the pc and i have to say that it is a brilliant game! well worth buying (and yes i am going to buy it :-D)
  8. got it today for the ps3. good graphics and not bad game play :D
  9. Here you all go, some Far Cry 2 stuff that will help all......

    Far Cry 2 Unlock Codes for more missions!

    1. Run Game.
    2. Additional Content
    3. Accept
    4. Enter Code
    5. Accept

    If the code works, it will say Unlocked. If not try the next code on the list.

    Codes will work on PC, 360 and PS3 versions. But each code is only for some areas.

    e.g. UK version – unlocks 4 new missions.

    US version – you get 6 missions.

    Far Cry 2 Unlock Codes


    The first code (SpujeN7x) worked for me on a purchsed Far Cry 2 UK version.
  10. Bought this and spent a few hours playing on the 360. Good graphics and nice concept, very Blood Diamondish. The only down side is the amount of rounds you have to plough into somebody to kill them.
  11. Got the collectors edition today, the kids wanted the crap t-shirt you get with it ?????

    so far i'm quite impressed but it don't half thrash your gfx card on a PC like the original did. then again i aint got anything turned down all at the max and it looks lush. Bit pissed with some of the ideas like you cant complete multi missions in one, like snotting someone on the way to another job as you can only do one job at a time, and don't get me started on the bloody SecureRom copy protection system that fekcs everything up when you try to load it. ( hacked and sorted now)
    All in all im impressed and well worth the £30 quid for the special edition i bought.
  12. And another thing what do you think that one of your friends/characters is a feckin bog trotting IRA boyo ?
  13. Just playing it on the 360, you may be able to kill buddies and they are gone for good. May just do that if that bog trotter turns up.
  14. I agree, I have got to the 2nd part of the game (Act2) and PIRA happends to be their, at the first chance he will get 7.62 to the head!

    Now when will an advanced copy of Fallout 3 be leaked.........
  15. :twisted: Just looking at the specs online

    the recommended layout is quite high .....may have to get the boy the ps3 version

    Does it really need that high a spec to run well?