FAQ2: Site Look (Theme) Take 2.

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Having learnt my lesson I will start the FAQ now.

1) Why are there only 20 last posts?
A) This is to save processor power - we are running on the limits of one of the two ARRSE servers. A replacement is on order and once we get that it is likely that "last 20" will increase.

2) Why is the site slow?
A) As far as I can tell from testing page times, the new theme is as fast as the old one. The site has had speed problems at peaks times recently, and as mentioned above we are tackling this with a visit to Dell's Expensive Server Emporium. I hope to get it late next week.

3) Will there be a worksafe / light version?
A) Yes, as soon as all issues with the default one are ironed out.

4) I want more "last posts" like on the old front.
A) Follow the 3rd link down in the ARRSE menu above, or the link "20 last posts" on the bottom right of the posts list on the front page. See FAQ 1 for why it is only 20.

5) Where is the list of who's online?
A) Here http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Whos_Online.html - last item in "More ARRSE" in the header menu, or link "More info..." on the user information block on the right of the front page.

6) Where are those oh-so-witty insults that were on the front page for a while?
A) Chopped them. They wouldn't have been funny for long and our more straight faced and sensitive members got insulted.

7) How can I see a users profile from the forum page?
A) Little globe icon under the info on the left of a post. Not obvious I admit and something I would like to improve.

8. Where is the 'online' tag that we had by users in the new theme before?
A) Chopped in the interests of site speed - it took extra processor power. May come back when we have more hardware as I liked it.

9) How can I show my gratitude for this awesome piece of web design that makes my favourite site a pleasure to use?
A) Chuck a tenner in the BEGGING BOWL. We just got prompted into buying a £2k server to keep up with demand so won't complain at a few pennies extra :)

10) O wise one, tell me about the front page photos for I wish to contribute.
A) They are drawn from a dedicated album in the gallery part of the site and have been uploaded by users. To submit a picture here it must be cut to an (undistorted) 468 x 260 pixels and be good quality, yours to publish, and < 30kB. The click on the link "upload picture" at the top of the gallery pages, and choose "Miscellaneous >> Front Page" as the target. If the technical details are beyond you but you have something really superb that you want to contribute, post in the ARRSE Stuff forum and I'm sure some kindly soul will come to your aid.

11) Why the change in colours?
A) The old themes were, well, old. They were subject to a considerable number of bodges to keep them running through the (essential) upgrades in the software, and just looked scruffy. The Desert DPM was generally considered by many to be a bit naff and 'walt'.

12) Why the change in front page?
A) We wanted to be a bit more attention grabbing to the newcomer, and also highlight that there is much more to ARRSE and its sister sites than just these forums. Also we wanted fresh content but are still not able to take on an editorial job to have a manually updated page. All this has been done with the changing photos (every 2 hours), feeds from the other sites, quotes, blogs and ARRSEpedia extracts from this site, and also of course some advertising.

13) Why the change to fixed width?
A) Having variable width pages makes consistent attractive layout with good use of space very hard. Also according to the experts it is easier and faster to read narrower columns. Our forum text is still in theory too wide.

14) Why do I have to scroll from side to side?
A) Almost certainly because you are unfortunate enough to be using an 800 pixel wide monitor. This is increasingly rare and most web pages now assume a minimum monitor width of 1024 pixels. If you have a few spare quid and the ability to change it I would thoroughly recommend it. The internet will get so much better to use.

15) Why has the search changed to the dedicated Google powered page?
A) We have had to limit our own forum search to the last 12 months only as it was taking up too much server power. The Google search is unlimited and frankly better than the built in function of the software.

16) So how can I search for posts by individual users?
A) Follow the link in the search page under "More Search Options". This leads to the 'old' forum search.
Annex A to FAQ

Bug reports:

Bug: Blank page on login / need to log in twice
What's happening: probably cured - watching for any more reports.

Bug: Possible IE 7/6/6.5? suddenly closing.
What's happening: testing and waiting on more user feedback.

Bug / problem: Site offline for some users for last 24 hours until this morning
What's happening: waiting to see if we still have a problem or whether this was cured with yet another theme change.

Bug: Sniper one advert screws up the front page.
What's happening: I am aware of this. I accepted a larger than normal ad from Penguin as the old front page could take it. When their advertising runs out I will not take any more ads of this size.

Bug: Forces Financial ad overlaps the top of the forums.
What's happening: On the list of things-to-do

Bug: Troops to Task text ad is screwed up on the forum pages.
What's happening: On the list of things-to-do

Bug: Front page photo not updating.
What's happening: Probably fixed, waiting for evidence!
Annex B to FAQ.

Improvements due:

Tidy up the bottom of the forum threads to get rid of some junk and white space.

Add some form of welcome to the front page "The Army Rumour Service is....." Done.

Get consistency between the two methods of seeing the last posts - either linking to the first or the last post of each topic listed.
Annex C to FAQ

Link to TA Board now added to list of Army Forums on front page
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