FAO those who have completed MK1(v) - pay

I suppose it depends on how much time it took you?

Just out of interest, how long did it take?

No, I did it in 'Regular Army' time in Basra and had most of 12 Mech Bde HQ Staff as my mentors ;)

Make sure you do keep a record and send in the bill.

It depends on whether your chain of command has agreed to sign the paysheets you submit for spending time on MK1. And if so, how many days they have agreed to give you in advance.

I didi it way back before it became MK1(V), It was supposed ot take 40 hours which would have equated to 5 days pay, the local brigade realised it was a bit of a nause for people to get through so they ran a series of 3 collective study weekends where each moduel was discussed with the help of a different adjt each day.

worked out quite well and we all passed the exam (with varying numbers of resits) at the end.

got 6 days pay.
Which Bde?

It was a while ago, don't know if they still do it, was just using it as an example of how we got paid.

However I now understand it is accepted that it takes up your time away from the TAC and as such payment is given.
It sounds like a marvellous idea.


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