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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by timtim1983, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. RE SPAM and your response to my post FREE GIVEAWAYS PROVEN BY THE BBC and SPAM

    page 3

    you wouldnt know what spam was even if i threw a can of it at your head, 1 shitty email a day, come on you can do better, and thats with junk mail filter turned off, its time to re-org, get your troops on it! 'Thats if you are still serving, and not one of those sad gimps that wishes he still was'.

    Oh P.S please take part in the poll im running, help me settle my own debate
  2. I voted yes.

    Now check your PMs and read the Naafi thread.
  3. Im A lil tired myself
  4. You've made 6 posts and already Fatbadge has set about you making threads/abusive PMs..etc.

    That is a record even I couldn't break!
  5. Tim. I take it the date in your name is when your mum was born?

    Go away you post natal abortion.
  6. I'm confused, is this relevant or worthy of the hole?
  7. I think it will even bypass the hole.
  8. I vote it gets deleted tbh.

    He clearly has no control of his keyboard.

    Tim. listen carefully, you clearly dont understand.

    Look to the top of this thread. note the 3 buttons on the RHS. click the one called 'Messages'

    Then read the one I sent you.

    Then look in the NAAFI forum for the last thread I started about an admirer in the hole.
  9. What a tw*t... Grow up, you fool.