Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by SKJOLD, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. Welcome home my friend, and glad to see you are home in one piece.
    Down to brass tacks;
    We've read the papers, and seen the news.
    Back to back of 3 Paras dering dos.
    weve read the lies and seen the highs.
    from a government with to many pies.
    So from a few who never knew.
    Pull up a chair, spin us a line, tell us of your time.
    The brave, the bold, it must be told,
    and write the stories that you do hold.


    If I dont win a Pulitzer prize for that one there will be hell to play. :wink:
  2. Cheers mucker! Afghanistan was really something to behold. I wouldn't swap the time i had out there for all the money in the world. I think we were lucky in the sense that the taliban don't follow the marksmanship principles and we do. Never seen such bad shots in all my life! Thank God! :D
  3. Is good to see you back in one piece and what a job 3 Para have done out there!!

    Was it as the media portrayed, having to drink from a dirty river running camp etc scrounging stale bread from the Afghan Army?
    Were the RAF really that crap?
  4. Two words: well f ucking done.
  5. Bloody Good Show Fallschirmjager!
  6. Good drills Fallschirmjager, glad you are home with all bits attached. Nice job out there.

  7. Yeah Well don to all out in Helmand. Have a good POTL. Get cnuted looking forward to the war stories
  8. well done fallschirmjager,
    3 para pulled off a very ally job .
    I've got a number of muckers who I did op telic with who were out on the Helmand Party with the gungy 3 operating as popstars in the desert I raise my glass to you.....

    every man an emperor
  9. Here Here

    Welcome back mate.
  10. Welcome back fallschirmjager. Glad you're OK.
  11. Being a PARA is all about tradition and following the blokes who went before. The op. just finished adds to that tradition and created a fresh set of blokes to inspire some poor s*d just waking up half-way through his P course.
    Well done. Great respect. And all without any skeletons in cupboards for crap papers to make money out of. It can be done.
  12. Still waiting patiently for some stories Fallschirmjager. Maybe not some of the more Op sensitive ones, but there must be some funnies at least.
    When you are ready dude,
    SK :D
  13. Welcome back, FJ.
  14. welcome back buddy great job
  15. Well done mate, as well as doing a good job you all looked well ally on the news