FAO DrSauce or anybody who can help ALS

DrSauce posted similar requests for info in 2005 so I very much doubt he still uses this forum. I'm looking into joining the Army Legal Services and would like some advice from the inside.

But if DrSauce is still on this forum I would like to hear from him. Did you join the ALS?

If anybody else can help I would appreciate it. I'm a Criminal Trainee Solicitor who is due to qualify in Oct 2007. I wish to work for my firm for about 18 months to two years post qualification. so this will take me to Oct 2009 at the latest when I am 27.

I would like some generic advice about life, duties and workload inside the ALS. Furthermore I would like some advice on how to increase my chances of joining the ALS now. For example should I look into sitting courses on international and humanitarian law, join fitness clubs, join TA ect. .. .. (maybe a question for anybody)

I have looked into joining the TA, and I'd love to join. However, my work is very demanding and I have to be on call/duty to attend police stations in weekends and evenings etc.

Any advice on above or anything relevant would be highly appreciated.

ta :)

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