FAO anyone with knowledge and experience of the rmp, cp and transfers.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by opsroom brew boy, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. I know this probably isn't the best place in the world to ask for some good advice regarding the RMP and the such, and no doubt I will just get such replies as, don't join them, and why do you want to be a monkey??? But never-the-less, it's worth a try.

    I'm a Trooper in the AAC, signals trained to class 2, and have just under 4 years in, just got back from my first tour on OP Herrick 12, which, to get to the point, was spent sitting on my arse in the ops room for 4 1/2 months, with a visit to Lash for 3 weeks working on the HLS. NOT what I envisioned! I have been looking at transferring for about a year now and have decided that it is in fact what I want to do, I spoke to alot of people at Lash, including the RMPs. And with the promotion prospects looking more and more dire, what with VENG and everything else, it is time to move on

    Now in the current climate of things, with cut backs and the like, and mag to gridding all the biffs out of the army, if I was to put a transfer in to RMP, but they came back saying the were over manned, would I then be putting myself on the cards for the axe after all the biffs are gone?? Since I obviously have shown a massive lack of interest in my current job??

    Also I understand that you would have to do at least 6 months in an RMP unit before you could push for CP, but if anyone has any useful info it would be appreciated!! Since this is the real attraction to the RMP for me.
    Also would my little experience in the army help me to get on the course?

    And finally, any info regarding transfers, general RMP way of life, their airborne units and anything that may help me get to where I want go would be really appreciated!!!

    Many thanks,

    Brew Boy
  2. You will only be advised the RMP is shit and not to join from either bitter people who have been arrested, people who get angry at seeing RMP soldiers getting promotion after training, when they are 19 years privates or fellow RMP who are bitter as they cant get promotion.

    Its a good enjoyable job, with good promotion , LCpl after training, then Cpl within two years after passing out. The good people can be a Sgt after 5 years if you go SIB.

    The CP course is open to people after phase 2 if your good and fit enough, and you can also do COT and P Company. On tour you will either do close support in FOB's and PB's, Police Mentoring Team (PMT) for ANA and ANP or General Support (GS), which is policing Bastion, Kandahar and Lask
  3. Now, that bit made me chuckle. I think what you meant to say was that anyone with the capacity to pass the L3ic can be a Sgt with SIB after 5 yrs. That certainly isn't the same as "the good people". I know several SIB Sgts that certainly wouldn't be Sgts elsewhere.

    Some of the good lads are picking up their Sgt at 7-8 yrs in RMP with out using back-door entry!
  4. That has always been true, but I made Sgt GPD after 5 1/2 years and before you say it the average was 9 - 12 years in those days with Boards of less than a dozen promotions each year.
  5. SIB, what does the day to day job of that entail?? From what I've heard its the "juicy" investigations that gets passed to them? A couple of RMPs I spoke to said SIB go out to all the FOBs and PBs alot when there has been KIAs etc, doesn't sound like a very enjoyable role on ops..........?
    Regarding the leg up to Sgt when going SIB, do you not loose it again if you were to leave the SIB side of things? So unless you plan to stay in the SIB for a while, it can't be that worth-while?
  6. Would you rather catch speeders in Bastion instead?! :p
  7. I'll pass that gem to the CS lads working in the FOBS and PBs, eh?

    Regarding the leg up to Sgt in SIB then returning to GPD-technically, they can reduce in rank. Not heard of it happening for a long time. Most, though not all, tend to stay with the 'dark side' once they move.
  8. Jesus, dry your eyes you drippy ****. I am well aware of the different roles the RMP perform, worked close enough with some on tour. It's called banter.
  9. My, my- does mother know you swear on the computer. And so eloquently.

    Still, no one likes a fed do they? From what I see of my local section they don't even like each other...
  10. Aye, and she says you were a crap shag. I can smell werthers originals and piss from your post old man.
  11. Well said, i made Sgt in GPD in 5 years (NOT SIB). That said i did 12 years in the Infantry first, so i came over with a lot of life experience and drive. It is acheivable. CP are taking guys straight from training now as well. :rmp:
  12. LOL....do Feds like anyone? :rmp: