Fantasy Third Reich

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. A third term, a Third Reich? Who would have what job in the Reichschancellory?

    Adolf Hitler - Tony Blair. The same messianic delusions of grandeur, although Hitler had a smaller ego and a better-looking missus.
    Hermann Goering - John Prescott. Fat pompous substance abusers (morphine and pies respectively) with airs and graces and a penchant for Elton-John style living.
    Martin Bormann - Gordon Brown. Effectively second in charge, fingers in every pie, scheming against other figures.
    Heinrich Himmler - David Blunkett!
    Josef Goebbels - Alastair Campbell. What more can you say?

    Any further advances?
  2. Alisdair Campbell - Heydrich
  3. Upon reflection I think that some of Neu Arbeit may have to job-share, as there are so many twisted personalities behind the red rose!
  4. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hoon = Feld Marshall Keitel - arrse licker extraordinaire
  5. John Reid - Himmler

    Rupert Murdoch - Goebbels

    Tiger Tank - Prezza...
  6. blunketts hund .... blondie.
  7. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    "Jawohl, mein Fuhrer! The British Army can do it!"

    (pause for arrse-kissing)
  8. Was this thread inspired by the occasion of Adolf Hitler's 116th birthday yesterday (which he celebrated quietly in the Antarctic base in Neu Schwabenland with Elvis and Lord Lucan) :lol:
  9. Hey Hangman...I had a beer with a dude called 'English John' at a bar in Odessa a few daze ago. Said he was 'Lord Lucan-bach'...hummm.

    English John bought the beers.

  10. As they say "Texas is a state of mind" :)
  11. Rudolf Hess = Robin Cook (yes - lock the ****** up)
  12. oh...add a pix:


  13. I think you are mistaken, in every picture of Blunkett's hound I've seen she is a brunette...??

    (With apologies to Kimberley Quinn and two fingers ("he's holding two fingers up David!!") up to Blunkett...)
  14. Yes! Lunatic who does a runner early on in the war! :twisted:
  15. Baldur von Schirach=Margaret Hodge
    Martin Bormann=Peter Mandelson(I realise that may be offensive as PM is of the tribe of "Red Sea Pedestrians-but you have to see the similarities)
    Leni Riefenstahl=Kirsty Wark
    [​IMG] Dr. Kundt=Geoff Hoon
    Julius Streicher=Peter Hain
    Dr Mengele=John Reid................usw