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Easter break gave me a chance to get all waltish and catch up on some old war films with the other half as we drank ourselves stupid. After the second consectutive viewing on "The Wild Geese" the conversation turned to who you would choose to serve with if you went to war.

I had Montgomery as CO, RSM Sandy Young (Wild Geese), Sgt Tony Wilton & Cpl Paddy Garvey (Soldier, Soldier), the black bloke off Predator (he was scary), teamed with Tony Robinson as Pte Baldrick! I resisted chosing any chicks for the token t.its and fanny but at a push i would have had Xena the Warrior Princess :D

Not sure of my fighting chances but at the time of choosing i was seeing double!

Keeping up the waltish fever, who would you choose? Characters coming from films, books, TV, fictitious, real life historic figures, past & present?
CO - Col Kilgore

RSM - Don't need one - hugely overrated

PC - Capt Winters - Band of Brothers

Sgt - That punter out of Platoon who gets slotted slowly to classical music

Riflemen - Joker from FMJ, "Sexual Tyrannasaurus" Fella with mini gun off of Predator, Hard bird from Aliens, Me (coz i'm ace) plus Neo from Matrix because he's got that whole slow time thing going on. Oh and Mr T.

Bring 'em on.
2iC - Rick Mayall as the blade from Whoops Apocalypse
SSM - Sam Elliott as Sgt Maj Plumley in We were Soldiers
Troopies - Homer Simpson, Withnail (Richard E Grant), Britney Spears
Tp Sgts - Samuel L Jackson, Trinity from Matrix, Mutley (Dick dastardly's mate)
SQMS - BA Baracas
The lads - the cast of fame
OC's driver - Jenna Jameson
C.O. ... jack nicholas as Colonel Nathen whatsit from a few good men
RSM ...Michael Palin ... "anyone else got anything they'd rather be doing than marching up and down the square?"
C/SGT ...there can be only one ... "do your tunic up lad"
RQMS ... ronnie barker as arkwright
SIGS ... brains from thunderbirds
MT ... the army surplus special from wacky races

the rest of the "blokes" in my troop would be the girls of vivid video...

not very combat effective i know , but this is MY fantasy line up ...

and parading behind the guard has never been so much fun.
Cowhead said:
PC - Capt Winters - Band of Brothers
Is he the one played by Damian Lewis? He'd definitely be in my fantasy Sqn
Along with Damian Lewis I will have John Cusack ("Grosse Pointe Blank"), Anne Parrilaud ("Nikita), Peter O'Toole ("Lawrence of Arabia"), David MacCullum ("Man from uncle" and "633 Squadron"), Martin Sheen ("Apolcalypse Now") and someone from Mash to patch us up afterwards ........oh and Chris Ryan so at least one of us has some idea what we're doing :lol:

Forgot the lovely Tim Collins........................(thank you threesend)
C.O - ken Hames (keeping it real for a mo..)
P.C - Edmund Blackadder
R.SM - Windsor Davies character from "It aint arf hot mum"
R.Q.M.S - Fred Dibnah
Training wing - Ray Mears/Michael Bentine
Int cell - Peter Sellers/Paul Daniels
Mess manager - Keith Floyd
M.T - Vicki Butler-Hendersen/Benny Hill
MG(SF) - The Cheeky Girls
Mortars - The Chuckle brothers
The lads - cast of "Worlds Strongest Man"
The Girls - female cast members of "Hollyoaks"
Here's my crack at it:

GOC - Gen Horracks (Ed Fox) - A Bridge too far
CO - Richard Burton - Dersert Rats or Where Eagles Dare
RSM - Sgt Maj Plummley - We were soldiers
OC - Maj Carlyle - A bridge too Far '..we havn't the proper facilities to take you all prisoner.'
2 IC - Capt The Lord Flasheart - Blackadder
C/SSM - Csgt Bourne (Nigel Greene) - Zulu

Pl / Tp Comds: Lt Winters - Band of Bros / Lt Chard - Zulu / Bruce Willis - Tears of the Sun.

Pl / Tp Sgts: Sgt Harper - Sharpe / Sgt Oddball - Kelly's Heroes / Sgt Steiner - Cross of Iron

SQMS - Sgt Bilko otherwise I agree with RTFQ - Mr T. "I pity da fool that signed this 1033!" :D
okay lets see. co =lt col tim collins (royal irish)
tp comds =bromhead(zulu)
=winters(band o brothers)
ssm = basil plumley (we were soldiers)
tp sgts=sgt harper (sharpe)
=sgt hook (zulu)
=sgt jesse(black dude mad afro from wild geese)
the lads =all those from kellys heroes
Co- Col Faulkner (Wild Geese)
21C: Lt Bromhead (Zulu, Michael Caine) 2ics do nothing and he could say 'Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off' all day :D
RSM: Sandy (JAck Watson Wild Geese)
SSM: Sgt Steiner (cross of Iron)
SQMS: Colour Sgt Bourne (Zulu)
Sig Sgt: John Cleese
CPLs, to Include cpl Stewart Mchlaughlin (green eyed boys book) Tosh: wild geese, that hard looking git with big sidies from bad lads army
Toms: Tommy cooper, Matt lucas, Feddie star, Ken Dodd, Frank Carson

No a single fcuking septic in my list.... apart from Sgt Steiner, but he plays a German so that doesn't count
I want to lad to my Toms list... Every one that Sven Hassle wrote about, Tiny, Porta etc etc
There is a degree of planning, as my main men are nails.... so if my adveraries haven't been knacked by them, chances are that they're bullet proof, therefore my team of toms will use a new method of assault 'the crap gag technique' as the enemy falls apart laughing Svens gang tie em up, bayonet them.

Oddly enough I have been trying to infiltrate your trench where the turtles lurk, however it seems closely gaurded and this isn't the NAAFI :D

I also need to add a fit bird as Sqn clerk and door gunners thrap mat :D
Col James Bond (Sean Connery)
Maj James Bond (Pierce Brosnan)
Cpt Indiana Jones
Cpt Jack Sparrow
Cpt 'Bloke from quantum leap' (quantum leap)
Cpt Lara Croft
RSM Grant Mitchell
CSM Bacon (Lock stock)
SSgt Dirty Harry
Sgt Bear (Big Black Dude from Armageddon)
Sgt Wolverine
Sgt Clyde (Any which way but lose....the orangutan)
Cpls Lcpls and squaddies: The English, Irish and Welsh starting XV, plus girls aloud.

They'll win any fight. 2 James Bonds, 1 pirate, 1 time traveller, 1 cop, 1 publican, 1 mutant, 45 rugby players, 5 girls and a monkey. Not forgetting a big black dude, a computer heroine and a cheeky cokernee. Beat that

Mr Happy

CO Mickey Mouse (I'm sure I've had him before)
RSM Dot from Eastenders
PC Billy Elliot
PSgt PheeBee (SP?) (from Friends)
Cpl Michael Jackson
Ptes The staff of Are you being served

A finer fighting force you'll never see I suspect. Ooooh I'm free

My fantasy Bn:

CO- David Niven
2IC- Me.

No-one else needed. He would look sauve in his dpm safari suit and I would bring him pink gin whilst he defeated the enemy without creasing his clothes, sweating or missing a single second of the cricket commentry. After the battle it would be DJ, party, more gin and a lovely little popsy to escort home. Would do feck all myself except learn from the master.

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