Fantasy Six Nations

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chemystery, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Pick your team and see how well it does against other teams in the League.


    I've created a League called Arrse. PM me for the PIN to add your team.
  2. Signed up!

    I had to pick some Welshmen though......
  3. Blimey, that was quite tricky. Had to pick a couple of sweaty socks and leek munchers to make up the numbers...

  4. Oh I thought this was a thread about England's chances of winning it and Wilko's call up!

    Count me in though...
  5. I even had to pick a Pasta-Fiend.
  6. What's the point?

    We're going to win every single game by a gazillion points to nil!

    Nurse! my drug filled leeks please.

  7. Because its a mix of different teams, a bit like fantasy football.

  8. I'm in! Just created an amazing team, no doubt they'll all get biff-chits before kick-off... :roll:
  9. Welsh. What do you expect...

  10. Aye, I had to pick Johnny out of a sense of loyalty, but on past form he'll get tackled heavily in the first half and not play again in the tournament.

  11. I've gone with O'Gara: for once common sense won out over blind patriotism!
  12. I went with S Jones from Wales....

    Fuck knows why, I think I did it for a laugh. Althoug being a forward myself, my pack is something else!

    Poncey backs.
  13. Shameless bump...
  14. Yeah, I liked the look of your England heavy pack.

  15. God, some people have no clue about rugby :roll:

    Peter Stringer as a kicker? I wouldn't use him as the fucking kicking tee.

    My backs selection is the best. Ever.

    M Blair
    G Thomas

    It's infuriating that I'm only allowed to pick 4 players from one country. :pissedoff: