Fantasy Messages to the England camp

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hibby, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. Idea shamlessly stolen from Talk Sport :wink:

    We can't see Portugal winning.....Stevie Wonder ,Ray Charles
    Come on Big Ears........Noddy to Wayne Rooney
    I can't comment on the outcome of this event as it may effect my chance to become presedent of Europe ......Tony Blair
    Awa ya fcuk's......Auldslapper (sorry, sapper)
    Give em a whipping......Marquis De Sade

    OK, its lame but the Reddog is starting to kick in, and there must be a few of you out there more pished than me :D
  2. NO NO NO NO NO!!
  3. The game, the bloody game!

    Biased ref, irregular penalty distribution, fair English goal disallowed, Beckham misses first penalty or the round.

    God it's close.

    I need a drink.
  4. Oh...fantasy message.

    "Play up play up and play the game!"

    Anyone up for invading Switzerland? Stupid referee.

    I'm off, good bloody night.
  6. STUFFED BY A MUCKING SWISS GROCER :evil: :evil: :evil:
    Slapper keep a low profile we know were you LIVE :twisted:
  7. Death to the Swiss.
    B0llocks, Death to the whole of continental Europe!!!
  8. That's terrible!!! Such bad losers!!!

    Just want to say that again


    C'mon the Portugual!!! Pitch in Auld_sapper, enjoy while we can!
  9. Its ok the motherlands still in ..... come on Denmark

  10. As long as those b*stards are oot I don't care who wins! The best bit is when I travel south of the Rio Grande this weekend I can look REALLY REALLY smug!!! If I wasn't going I'd make of point of doing it.
  11. Which bastards. Danelaw ober alles.

    soz me is pizzed
  12. The English ones of course! I am joining you Polar, purely celebratory you understand.
  13. Vost dat the Jovickshire Rebulican Army
  14. Too many bl00dy foreigners around nowadays.
  15. I am afraid doesn't do danish. Bloody useless cheapskates!