Fantasy Left and Right flank...

The bloody Christians were right! The meek HAVE inherited the earth! which leaves followers of Thor, like me, looking dead daft. No longer are our Lords the types to lead us to battle, brave warriors taking us to Vallhala... we've got Bushes, Blairs and Browns instead, a thousand miles behind the front line. So now we need new heroes in the front line on our left and right.

So who do you want on your flank? (Or beside you in the sheild wall?)

I thought about this a lot... and now I know... Shrek: I definitely want him on my left if he's available... and Thatcher or her boot boy Tebbit on my right.
Left flank; Prolly someone from the Equal Opportunities Commission.
Right flank. A focus group seems sensible ...but only if conference agrees.
Blackwater on my left, any African Army on my right and US air support overhead.

It's just that I've just been so depressed lately, I can't go on...
ASH on the left flank, and the Muslim Council of Great Britian on the right.

Safe as houses.
Erwin Rommel could choose his flank- L or R and could change as he saw fit, manoevering old dog that he was. Ivan the Terrible on the other flank- I have no idea if he was any good at wars and stuff but he sounds mean!
Maggie Thatcher on the right and Anne Widecombe on the left, don't know if it would work but it'd bloody scare me!!!!
Joe Stalin on the left and Uncle Adolph on the right. Proven uncompromising experience.
Napoleon on the left (naturally) and Slim on the right. Not that I think they'd get on terribly well...


Jean Parisot de la Vallette on my left.
Anyone who could fight all day,day after day in full chainmail and armour on foot in the Mediterranean Summer whilst being over 60 years of age leading 700 Knights and around 8500 auxillaries against a moslem army of over 30000 Janizaries gets my vote. Makes El Cid look like a whimp.
[Read "The Great Siege" by Ernle Bradford......brilliant]
On my right, any Fijian who joined up in the early '60's.

edited for wrong number of aux's
still21inmymind said:
Joe Stalin on the left and Uncle Adolph on the right. Proven uncompromising experience.
not them, but thier best generals, Zhukov, the man who took Berlin and Rommel

With Monty on standby if it all went pear shaped
Prae on the left, Saintstone on the right. Smudge67, bigbird67, snakey and beebs as Advance Party, Pred+ and Ritchieritch quivering on Rear Party, Air support from Flashy and Sven, Bootiful i/c Public Disorder megaphone, Padme to get rid of the germans as her 2IC cos she speaks the lingo.

No fecker would get through that. I'm sorted.
Left flank, 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles.
Right flank, 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Who would be brave (stupid) enough to try and mess with these guys?
Vikings on my Left, Roman Legion(commanded by Ceaser)on my Right.

Rear Security/Reserve: Knights Templer(Commanded by Robert the Bruce).

Cavelry: Attila the Hun's Mongol Hordes.

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