Fantasy Indonesian Prison Break - A Bit of Xmas Fun (unless you're a death row prisoner)

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Some will have seen news or heard about a proposed Indonesian prison, to be surrounded by a moat full of crocodiles. This plan attracted a certain amount of derision, so the chief of the Indonesian anti-drugs agency adjusted his plan to include a second concentric moat full of piranhas and a circle of land manned by tigers.

The theory behind all of this is that the animals are not open to bribes. As the Mexicans have shown, human guards certainly are.

So you think I'm making this up? Escape claws: Tigers, piranhas may join Indonesia crocodile prison guard

Which all lead me to wonder how ridiculous this is. My gut reaction is "very". There might be fewer guards, but what about the animal wardens, poison in the water (guards to guard the 'guards' required?)....

Well, we have a wealth of tactical talent on this site, so I thought it a suitable place to ask "can this work"? ANd if we can make it work, how would you escape from it.

To get a picture of this in your mind - think RAF roundel with prisoners in the middle and strips of guards in the colours round the outside.

Some assumptions:

- Island far enough away from land that a decent fast boat is required.
- Island fairly small and coastline covered in CCTV
- Fewer human guards than normal (that's the aim) - what would be normal?
Just wait 'til Jarrod sees this.

Be warned! ;)


You'd need lots of tigers for it to work and as they are solitary animals needing a lot of roaming space, I can't see it working.
Couldn't we use the RAF Regiment for this sort of tasking, since they've proved themselves so capable in the past?


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Just stick the prison on a tropical island accessible only by boat, miles from anywhere, with jungle type landscape where the prisoners have to virtually look after themselves. Never been done before of course:

Devil's Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alternatively, place the prison on an island just off the coast with a major city in sight, but said island to be scoured by strong currents making escape virtually impossible. Never been done before of course:

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

All depends on how much you value the human rights of your prison population.


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Fill a wide and deep moat with toxic waste. You can even charge companies for the storage of the toxic waste.
Wild boars is what is needed. They seem to be permanently angry and want to hurt things. Add a bear or two into the mix and the prisoners won't even think about escaping......or don't tell them and watch the fun as they try to run from bears and boars.


How about punishment for infractions, serve your time within the rules or risk being a cheap way of feeding the animals.


Lifers could be on death row knowing that at the 10 year point they`ll be animal feed. Some might take the easy way out so saving costs of feeding the prisoners.
If there`s a riot, release the animals into the prison.

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