Fantasy Government (Like Fantasy Football only Political)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo2nothing, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Whilst sat upon the thrown and flicking green slime against the wall, I had a moment of clarity. We all sit here and 'debate' the current Government, it's faults and the characters that make up the most corrupt group of individuals currently known to man. We all moan that there is no real alternative. What if we could have our own Fantasy Government, who would you pick for the top job and why? Would any of the current Government have a job?

    Any member of your Government can be serving present/past, dead or alive or your person could be void of political motivation but you must argue why he/she has been included. THEY MUST BE BRITISH OF COURSE!

    I'm still debating mine.

    Paxman, Standby.
  2. Surely there is " no contest " in the selection?

    Churchill, the Iron Duke and Marlborough as a Junta running ol' Blighty, would fix things in a hurry...
  3. Shami Chakrabati for PM; also John Wadham (Home Secretary), Peter Tatchell (Minister for Inclusion), Joan Ruddock/Bruce Kent (Defence), erm... Jeremy Thorpe, is he still available?
  4. The Iron Duke? Played by Stephen Fry of course, a la Blackadder.

    Stephen Hawking - minister for education (please not minister for sport :wink:)

    We might as well have a Fundamentalist Atheist Theocracy. A military regime sounds pretty good though - we'd get a decent pay rise.
  5. Nah lets go for Alan B'stard - just soo much fun!!!
  6. PM - Toss between Paxman and John Snow
    DPM - One of the above
    Chancellor - Carol Voderman
    Home Secretary - Sir Oswald Mosley
    Foreign Secretary - Maggie Thatcher
    Defence - Churchill
    Education - ????
    Health - Florence Nightingale
    Culture - Edward Elgar
  7. Enoch Powell, Alan B'Stard, Wellington, Gladstone, Oswald Mosley, William Hague.
    Thatcher to make the tea.