Fantasy Football

Heard this one today and thought it was worth sharing.

Steve McClaren, Glen Roeder and Kevin ball are sat in a pub having a quiet pint.
McClaren asks Kevin Ball, what his hopes are for next season. Bally answers, the proposed takeover will hopefully come off, millions will be poured into the club and I will be offered the manager's job and we can bounce straight back to the premier league and this time stay up.
Right Glenn, asks McLaren, What's your hopes. Roeder replies. '' We win the premiership without losing a match, win the FA Cup, and Carling Cup, Shola nets 30 goals wins the golden Boot and Admy Faye is named world footballer of the year.
McClaren gives Roeder a puzzled look and replies, '' Don't you think youre expecting a bit much,thats a total fantasy and could never happen !'', Roeder grins,nods towards Kevin Ball and replies, "don't blame me, he fu*ckin started it !!!".

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