Fantasy football with a difference

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by diehard57, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Watching Chelski playing the Arsse yesterday and seeing Drogba and Lehmann acting like a couple of tarts made me wonder what the old British footballers of yesteryear would have made of it. Then I got to thinking about who I would want in my section if it came to it.

    Some of those that I think fit the bill are:

    Dave Mackay of Spurs
    Ron 'Chopper' Harris of Chelsea
    Big Ron Yeats of Liverpool
    Terry Butcher of Ipswich
    Jackie Charlton of Leeds
    Martin Keown of Arsenal

    You get the picture?

    So, fellow Arrsers, your mission is to fill a rifle platoon with the sort of blokes that showed the same qualities on the football field that that the Army values so dearly - aggression, desire and motivation, physical fitness, commitment, leadership etc. etc.

    Obviously we're talking about players in their prime and please no Darren (Sicknote) Andertons, Cashley Coles (Mr. Tweedy) or Justin Fashanus and no Julio Geordios or 'Mr Selective Balance' Christiano Ronaldo.
  2. Stuart Pearce (Forest)
    Julian Dicks (West Ham)

    Tough as fook the Pair of them.
  3. Norman (Bit your legs) Hunter....Leeds
  4. David Busst (Coventry City)
    Awesome defender before this horrific injury - back in the days where it took a proper injury to bring a player down (no names no pack drill).

    He'd be in my squad just for having the balls to get back on the horse, so to speak - now coaches kids from the local community.


    Note: Peter Schmeichel blew chunks in his goalmouth at the sight of this!
  5. are you surprised i think i would too!! in an interview after scheichel said he herad the bone snap over the old trafford crowd!

    good to hear he is still invovled in football
  6. and bert trautmann the ex german para who played for man city after WW2 and played an match with a broken neck!!

    hard as nails the fallshirmjager!
  7. Graham Roberts (Spurs) - a true charmer
  8. big duncs the man you want next to you when you hear the command to fix bayonets the hardest man in the game in his time

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  9. Danny McGrain (Glasgow Septic)

    Nut Case