Fantasy Football @ Real Madrid

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by carlbcfc, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Kaka, Ronaldo, Ribery, Albiol, Pellegrini, Benzema, and im sure there is a few under 20 million who have slipped under the radar......but who's next?

    How the f*ck do they fund this spending spree?

    Will Platini moan about spending like he does with our clubs?

    Are they building a team or just buying all the best players to stop anyone else getting them?
  2. So im not the only one whos noticed this. Looks like a project which will fail.
    Or bring the world of football to its knees.
  3. Can't remeber wether it was Real or Barca but i saw a report recently where it said the clubs transfers are funded by the government. This is because when the club makes a profit it puts the money into the local government and community, then when they need some cash for a transfer the government signs the cheque, unbelieveable but true!!
  4. one of the reasons is that Real negotiate there on tv broadcasting contracts and it is one of the few clubs owned by its members and so a lot of money they raise through various sponsorship deals and such like can go straight to buying players. they also managed to get their training ground rezoned and then i think sold for a profit that paid of the debt they had a few years ago.