Fantasy Conscription

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LostBoss, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. Eye_Spy on the "Would Harry make a good officer" thread made the following comment:

    "I would rather have a prince in the Army who genuinely wants to be there instead of a prince who joins because he feels he has to. A willing volunteer is better than 10 pressed men and all that."

    Well of course this is true but that made me think......

    If I could draft anyone into the Army and be personally responsible for their "training" who would it be. Like Fantasy genocide but the joy goes on and on.

    I'd have the following waiting to be picked up at the train station, travel permit in hand.

    Piers Morgan (oh it was too easy)

    I'd have him buffering the ceiling in the Guard room before he could say "forgery", before a few laps around the harbour perimeter - crawling obviously whilst Cpl McNasty provides motivation with an ETH.
  2. All offspring of politicians who have any influence over decisions made concerning the armed forces should be conscripted, maybe the decisions will be made in the interests of the Armed Forces if this were the case. :twisted:
  3. I would have the Rt. Hon (?) Robert Jackson - it might show him something about loyalty.
  4. Clearly my mind was following a different contour when I thought of fantasy conscription. I was thinking, "Girls Aloud", Vicky Butler-Henderson and the female cast members of "Hollyoaks"
    I'll get my mac! :oops: :D
  5. Hollyoaks. That was it. Couldn't find the word for drooling. However, in the true spirit of the thread:

    Anyone on holiday in an ancient North African country during war time?


    Anyone who includes the word 'Kentigern' in their daytime address?
  6. Vicki Butler Hendersen - now that's an idea.

    Obviously I'd supervise her resistance to interrogation trg.....

    Don't know who'd break first though - Nurse the sponge please.
  7. Is it me, or is it very warm in here? :wink:
  8. Every Labour MP on the 'Government payroll' who voted for the war against their judgement/conscience.

    Others were pro/anti (from all parties), and voted accordingly. Personally, I was in favour for various reasons - but feel that I was lied to by TCB, and my 'decision' might have been different.

    Those b'stards that voted to save their careers effectively prostituted themselves (or gave Squaddies' lives) to back TCB/H. So send them out for the election period and beyond WITH NO-ONE TO ASSIST, why should others put themselves in further danger at this stage?.

    PS - anyone notice the similarity between photos of Mark Thatcher and TCH?. Never rated MT but this reallly makes him a total sh1te in my eyes.
  9. I think some time on the log run would benefit:

    Ken Livingston. - Perhaps wearing a respirator.

    Kate Beckinsale in the outfit she wore as the latex clad vampire in "Underworld" - and i might wear the respirator.

    Nurse - again please
  10. Melanie Sykes, I do hope she resists for a bit. :twisted:

    Any of the Blair Babes , they don't even need to resist, I'll go straight to the Chally II battery and the alligator clips. :evil: :evil:
  11. I agree,

    Private Sykes to show Jumper lumpy again.

    Outside my office at 2200 Sykes, bring Beckinsale with you.

    I'll phone the Mess and get them to plate my meal up - I need time to prepare
  12. Katie Price doing a change parade with only a set of mess tin handles and a gag :D .
  13. Private Sykes 8O The mind boggles. 8O :D :twisted:
  14. Gordon Ramsay as Mess Sgt please. I'd happily be his galley slave.
  15. Gordon Broon