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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Glad_its_all_over, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. So here's a challenge. Sketch out the size, shape and configuration of the British Defence Force post-2014, keeping it all under around £30Bn annually. Ignore sacred cows, be radical and revolutionary. Feel free to play with reserve/regular balance, high/medium/low readiness forces.

    For the purposes of the exercise, use these assumptions:

    1. No political appetite for foreign wars unless vital to UK national interest
    2. No significant UOR procurement - i.e. come as you're caught
    3. Configure for entire spectrum - general war to MACC
    4. Capabilities to maintain:
      • Deploy SF abroad at tp/sqn strength and maintain on ops indefinitely at immediate notice to move
      • Project Coy+ abroad and maintain on ops for 90 days at 7 days' notice to move
      • Project BG+ abroad and maintain on ops for 90 days at 28 days' notice to move
      • Stand up and deploy Bde+ for general war inside 180 days
      • Stand up and deploy Div+ for general war inside 270 days
    5. Maintain nuclear deterrent
    6. Maintain ability to project self-defending naval task group to protect UK interests
  2. There'll be five of us and a hirecar.
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  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    And a clerk. With 2 biros. And a printer.

    No computer mind.
  4. You work for Ed Milliband and I claim my $32.67
  5. Heh. You may not be wrong, at that - with respect, though, I was hoping that we'd get some half-way serious thinking. I nurture no great hope that someone who matters will read this thread and be the Haldane of the 21st Century, but there's a great deal of military expertise and knowledge around here and I'm interested to see what folk come up with.
  6. Five?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Are you sure about the hire car?
  8. Yeah but will lose it and 3 blokes in budget cuts 2015
  9. All seperate HQ's would be disbanded. A lot of staff level officers would have twitchy bums as compulsory redundancy would be on its way for most officers who aren't employed to actually command real units of staff (Not imaginary paper ones).

    I'd personally scrap the regimental system in its current form and go for a USMC style make up of multiple brigades.

    Standing by for incoming on that one though.

    I'd merge RAF aircraft small enough to be flown off a carrier with the navy and The Air Force would effectively be divided into strategic bombing/ICBM etc and air transport roles.

    The reserves would be used to bring their civvy skills to the army in all cases other than inf where they would in essence be a temping agency of BCR's and small deployable units of not greater than plt strength.
  10. Amalgate all SF into "them",have 2x AAB`s one one standby the other for training etc, centralise HQ`s one for the whole of country.Reservists to do 3years on active register (then be absorbed into the defence force). Because of the monetary hiccup atm!!we would have a "defence" force only,everyman/woman ( and i mean everybody regardless of standing!! ie mp`s shitty offspring, put them in EOD/latrines for the use of servicing and maintenance battalion :) ) would be obligated to do say 5 years and then a 2 week refesher course every year;seeing as how we would only have ourselves to worry about.To get rid of the regimental system we have (as someone suggested!) would be a further erosion of our identity and pride.......
    this is only fantasy and not to be taken at all seriously because i know it would not work in reality
  11. Glad its all over, what sort of Expeditionary Air Wing capability do you wish to retain? And at what state of readiness and what is the likely duration of task? Also, what about UK Ops and emerging threats/capabilities e.g. cyberdefence? It strikes me that there are another three assumptions there and the pot of £30Bn hasn't got any bigger.
  12. Well, proceed on the assumptions and make some of your own in terms of deployable airpower. Specifically, I'd be interested to hear an informed opinion on the CAS/Air Superiority/UAV split and how much firepower we need to deliver to support the capabilities outlined.

    As to cyber, beyond an ability to protect our own information space, does the military actually need to play in that space or are there other agencies, separately funded, who would be better suited?
  13. If you wish to alllocate deployed air power to land-oriented tasks then it sounds to me like you are advocating the USMC's concept of an Air Combat Element within a Marine Expeditionary Unit/Brigade/Force dependng upon the required scale-of-effort. This would be augmented by AAR, ISTAR, AT, etc. as and when necessary. The CAS/Air superiority split is an almost artificial distinction - surely the answer here is that we have to operate a multi-role fast jet platform that can perform both roles and, if necessary, carry a mix of ordnance to allow both roles to be undertaken in a single sortie. I cannot comment on UAVs. Finally re. cyber, if the MoD does not maintain a capability which encompasses CND, CNE and CNA, then we will be sorry when the agencies decided that a crisis on our part does not constitute an emergency on theirs, an old adage I know but having spent three years working up in 'town' in that environment, I think that I can safely make that assertion.
  14. There is. however, they have a "Make Me Money" mind set.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I'd have an aircraft carrier with no aircraft - leave the enemy in no doubt he's up against a real nutter who's capable of anything.
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