Fantasy 6 Nations 2008

As I did so well last year :roll: I thought we could have another go this year.

Pick your team and see how well it does against other teams in the League.

I've created a League called Arrse Feelers and the pin is 1713.

And before we get into the footie is better than Rugby (capital R intended) it isn't, right!! (Stands back and awaits incoming)
I had a look on here but it didn't make a lot of sense. Either I'm a biff (possible!) or not all of the platery are on there. I got bored in the end after naming about 12 of my side!

Also, i think there's now 3 arrse leagues going....

ah...should have searched first to see if anyone else had started a league....

Ah's setup now if anyone wants to join thats nay bother.
Splitter - join ARRSE2008! It's the way forwards!

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