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Fantastic News!!!!!!

There's reports out here that he's slowly going into pre- MJ meltdown mode. I'm hoping he gets out of first gear, speeds up and hurtles into oblivion as soon as.
Watch out or he'll fucking well have you, like he nearly had that massive pap bloke who dared to call him 'a little cock'. Only the bloody bouncers getting in his way stopped Justin spilling some cocky Brit claret that day!

Maybe it was the 'little cock' part that made Justin 'Hardman' Bieber so upset considering that the truth tends to hurt the most.


Book Reviewer
I believe it is the Peoples Hero who recently turned up 3 hours late to his gig at the O2. Thousands of Yummie MumsNet Mummies who had paid £70 a shot to take their dreadful wailing brats were reduced to tears and puking up blood. Cue angry calls to the Daily Hate, Sky, Sun, 'Daddy who is Something in the City' and anybody else who would listen. Some of the children were traumatised to tears and puked on their Hello Kitty cuddly iPhone attachment...

The man is a national hero and anybody who fucks with his knackers, fucks with me. Are we clear?

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