fantastic mark up

How do these uk military suppliers get away with charging incredible prices for parts and equipment??? have of late been buying some Clansman bit and pieces ....a ordinary aerial C plug bought on ebay for £2.50 pounds.........came in suppliers sealed package with the price to H.M GOVERNMENT of wait for it £35.00..........could quote lots of other instances...of how the tax payer is being ripped off.......who authorises these deals????
A bloke with us who was most eager to meet his German Girl friend over the weekend offered me 1000DM to do his guard for him, that was around £330 back then!

There are many crazy examples of wild finance costings in H.M Forces, and it is true that the manufactures of such items make a killing.

I suppose that the old argument that "it goes back into the British economy" could be some acceptable justification for this financing madness.

As a matter of interest, Sweden, (a neutral country) made huge financial profit during WW2 supplying kit for the Nazi war machine !

Link ..... Co-Opting Nazi Germany: Neutrality in Europe During World War II

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