Fantastic beasts and where to find them

I posted the link in one of the other threads regarding the Panther tank that was fished out of that old blokes basement in Germany that has been in the news again, but thought it may be appreciated in the history section too, this is a great resource for photos of all the WW2 armour that still survives in various states of repair today. My dad as a keen WW2 amateur historian and modeller was fascinated by it before he died and it's still fairly regularly updated as more are unearthed or sold to different collectors. The history of each one is provided where possible from the chassis numbers as well. Interestingly one of the Panzer IV's fought at Kharkov and Kursk and was sent back to Germany twice for refitting after being damaged, before eventually ending up buried up to its turret in Norway as a static defence bunker. Quite an interesting read

Surviving Panzers

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