Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IceBytch, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. Ok im not sure if you have coverd this topic or not but i thought it would be cool to hear some of your fantasies!!! after all i think i better live up to my name ( Arrse Slapper i think it is) lol :p

    Ok i will Start off!!

    My biggest fantasy is to Shag In a Challenger 2 tank..... I know some of you lot are thinking Why!!!!

    well i like the idea of not having much space and of course its not a everyday thing for civvies to do..........Even Thou i bet quite a few people have done it!!!

    so come on then post yours. and please show abit of imagination... :p

    im watching this space :wink:
  2. Would that be in a specially adapted pair of coveralls Icey? :D
  3. You bet it would :lol:

    So come on whats yours??? :p
  4. Cutting a hole through the brickwork that seprates my wall from my 15 year old neighbour's bedroom, who walks around in skimpy attire.
  5. And passing through cut out catalogue pictures of samsonite suitcases???

    Tell us about the hole, tell us about the hole Gunny
  6. No chance. Its my hole, mine, all mine.
  7. I've just had one about ice in the back of a chally 2, wearing coveralls, and smacking my parts with a crusty french stick till they went off 8O

    Is that wrong :?:
  8. B-M

    I think one might prefer smacking ones parts with a pair of fine fresh English baps.
  9. You sick fcuker. 8O
  10. My own personal fantasy involves three Emirates stewardess, some cream cheese, two breeze blocks, a hovermower and picture of Emily pankhurst doing Bollocky Starjumps................mmmmmmmmmmm

    Gunny is right, you are sick
  11. on the opeating table, legs up in the lithotomy poles, all monitoring on and recording, inject the muscle relaxant and wayhey............all while thinking of the ichbytchs piecings clanging against the inside of that tank when shes getting nailed. :twisted:
  12. Called sick by MDN, people in glass houses and all that mate - you do have your moments :wink:

    That particular fantasy may be sick, but its got me in less trouble than the one involving charlotte church, a hansom cab and a knobley turnip.

    I am seeking professional help, but these kind of perversions are expensive :D
  13. How about that prick NIMN rubbed down with coarse sandpaper, dipped in vinegar and being prodded by all arrsers with stabby things and gripper rod, obviously using the slash and drag method :D

    I hate that c o ck
  14. It can be could a guided tour of a Scimitar, for the more 'confined' space 8)
  15. Icey if its confined spaces you like, dive into my undercrackers, they are clean on this morning, and unskidded, there is very little room in there for anything other than my awesome trouser mauser.

    Onthe other hand I could cut you up and put you in an ice cream tub, no room in there :D