"Fanny Batter": Weird names no-one deserves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stonker, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. There used to be an airborne scalyback officer called Richard Head, and I met a copper called Mr Brain once - who also christened his son Richard.

    Everybody knows the joke about "Have you seen Mike Hunt?", but this one - http://www.comedymail.co.uk/ViewItem.asp?ID=75 - really cracked me up.

    For my money, she's lucky she lives in Miami, not Manchester :D

    Any others out there?
  2. I went to school with a guy called "Willie Wickett" but he prefered to be called Bill for some reason.
  3. In line with Catch 22 of the seventies, in Fallingbostel we had a Sergeant Sargent.

    When in Wolfenbuettel, when he was a Cpl, it provided hours of fun with the visiting Americans, who were on the Tri-Partite execises held there at the time.
  4. We had a chap called Major - Chef type. Went all the way from Sgt to Major to the delight of everyone.
  5. we have a major master
  6. We had a Major Cnut, sorry we had a major who was a cnut, his name was N*******
  7. Met an American called Captain Ranton. Not sure if he ever made it to Major Ranton, but I hope so.
  8. Sgt-Maj Payne, and a Cpt Roger Moore. Knew a L/Cpl John Thomas.

    Wasn't there a squadron leader in 'The Wooden Horse' (or could have been the Great Escape - it evades me!) called Willy Wank?
  9. Had a Gunner Rea attached to us in Kosovo 2000
  10. Know someone (non-military) called Too-Morrow
  11. Surely there must be a "Waine Kerr" out there somewhere.
  12. We had a Major Kirk.

    Wish I had known him a little earlier in his career.
  13. Had a spanish teacher called Mr. Juan Kerr.
  14. A kid I went to school with was the eight kid in the family. They called him Gordon... His last name was Bennett. :D
  15. Remember a guy at 22 Sigs called Steve Major who at the time was a Sgt.
    A Ssgt Carr as in staff Carr, and yes he was black.
    ACC Capt. Cooke
    Never came across anyone with this name but it made I larf.....Isaac Hunt.