Fandabidozi - Would you kick Jimmy Krankies back doors in?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SuperTrooper, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Oh yes, I'd toss one up Jimmy anyday

  2. No way, I'd rather sleep with MDN's dog

  3. I am LJH and prefer the real thing

  1. After pondering my wasted youth and coming across this web site : I have contemplated the idea of would I throw one up Jimmy Krankie? He/she is tiny and looks great in a nice dress. I can imagine spinning 'Jimmy' around my tube like a human windmill. The more I think about it the more the idea appeals to me. I am thinking a Krankie spitroasting with Ian to help sorting 'Jimmy' out. I am also inviting 'Jimmy' to become an arrse maiden. Check out 'his' dress. I am about to plan an act of piracy on the high seas and I need a crew. My plan is to scuttle their Cruise ship and kidnap 'Jimmy' and use him as my Cabin Boy for some pirate adventures. Shiver me timbers, who's up for it me hearties?

    So come on be honest would you Krank up a Krankie?

    :D Fandabidozi!

  2. As s/he is known as "Wee Jimmy Krankie", does that mean you'd be indulging in water-sports too? :D
  3. I'd rather do Orville myself.

    And Chuckles could watch.

    At least they've both had someone's hand up there already.
  4. Absolutely I dream of swamping on small people every night Dozy, especially this clown:


  5. You sick f***!
  6. PMSL :D :D :D

    Reels in another one!
  7. mmmm, what about Grottbags. Although, I did shag a Grottbags looky-likey, in Hameln. Bitch gave me a dose of the clap.
  8. Now, now...i'm sure that's my Mum you're talking about.
  9. ST - you are truly warped.
  10. Of course! Thats what the Naafi used to be about its become very dull recently :( Which two of you sickos picked the LJH option, you deserve a shoe up yer hoops!
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    So what's the picture of wee Jimmy in a basque and sussies all about?
  12. Not falling for such an obvious wah! :roll:

    Anyone know how to edit poll questions BTW?
  13. S-T, the Krankies are on to you: they've taken their website down. I checked just now for research purposes.
  14. I bet she's a right goer! The filthy wee gwar slut.