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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Manley, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Today has been Bastille Day in France, lots of parades and bands and French bints hawking mutton to Poilu,s and Mariner,s and Legionaire,s, maybe even Frog Air Force, and no one seemed to notice or care here, now fancy that!, I wonder why that can be?.
  2. Didn't only 6 people get out of the Bastille? Hardly escape to victory!
  3. Wow I feel really intelligent now because I can answer that, we don't give a ****.
  4. Yes I know we dont give a ****, all I,m asking is did anyone notice or raise an enquiring eyebrow as to why the Frogs were parading, never mind, it,s all over now till next year.
  5. Something to do with some big bike race they hold every year perhaps?
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  6. Slightly off topic -
    On the BBC this morning,a report on old quarries used by the frogs during WW1.Showing the carvings and graffitti they created.
    Then a very brief mention of how six soldiers were selected by ballot to be shot as a punishment and a warning to others.Their crime? Losing a position to the advancing krauts.
  7. To be honest - I totally forgot about Bastille Day. At least it'll keep the Froggies from accusing 'Perfidous Albion' about using their President as a foot rest for the Guards.
  8. What's it all about, anyway? Is it a commemoration to another surrender?
  9. Gratuitous picture of Carla's pussy.
  10. You sir!

    have my contempt.
  11. He doesn't have mine.
  12. It might have been more appropriate if they had shot their entire army, all bar six.