Fancy having your say on the Falklands to the argy embassador?

Ok, I'm having my tea this fine cool damp morning and how fitting I read a nice article posted by none other than the argentine embasador to the UK.

LOL, she's also a bloody castro, so why don't you all grab a cuppa and check out this fine piece of arrogant argentine propaganda.

Oh yeah, register your lazy arsse's to Disqus if you haven't already and get some entertaining or passionate reply's to the silly bitch.

Warmongering won’t settle this old dispute - Telegraph
"In the 21st century, Britain should rethink its hostile approach towards Argentina"

Hello POT, this is KETTLE

What hostile approach? We have never threatened Argentina with hostilities. We have a purely defensive deployment in the Falkland islands as a direct result of Argentine agression/threats/hostility.
Ms Castro's biography is fascinating .

She started life as an air hostess for the national airline and entered politics via the union movement .
Needless to say , she is 100% up KFC's arrse politically .
Her previous posting was Argie ambassador to Venezuela , where she was Chavez mistress .
When Chavez tired of her , he asked KFC to replace her .
Result : She gets sent here instead .
Total loon , just like her boss .
In light of ongoing Argy sabre rattling and general loonyness, can we not just kick her out again.
I cannot think what possessed the editor of the Telegraph to print this drivel .
Furthermore , its hardly "diplomatic" of a so called ambassador to write it in the first place....
I wonder if she has presented her credentials to Her Majesty yet ? Will she try to lecture her on the subject when she has her audience with her ?
She's bad mannered enough to try it.
God Gawd Almighty.......


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However, she does have that MILF aggressive look about her that could tear you apart in the bedroom:
Yeah, her sisters a bit of all right in all.

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For those many of you unfamiliar with the Falklands on account of there never having been a thread about it...

Spain nicks the islands.
Spain fucks off.
Argentina ignores the islands.
We nick the islands for a navy coaling station.
Argentina ignores the islands.
Oil discovered in south Atlantic.
Argentina nicks the islands.
We nick the Argentinians and kick them off.
Argentina cries like a sugared up kid.


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You know if you'd invaded somewhere,let he enemy sail 8000 miles, land unopposed, march 100 miles across the Island and kick **** out of you...

You might want to keep quiete about that humilliating period of your history not bang on about it and celebrate it.

There really is a hint of Mony Python's The black knight about them.

"Ok we'll call it a draw then"
This sounds like a job for Colour Sgt Muir...


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Seems to me Argentina is being "Bitch Slapped" by women of late with more than a soupcon of "Change of Life" tantrums thrown in...........I could be wrong of course.................................but I dont think so.
"Since 1965 the United Nations has recognised the existence of a special colonial situation in the Malvinas Islands, and the dispute between Argentina and the UK concerning their sovereignty. It has urged both countries to negotiate to find a peaceful and permanent solution."

We have one already; Argentina can **** off and in return we won't give them a damn good shoeing.
**** off you spic barstards

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