Fancy getting paid to large it in the United States?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. While arm -wrestling with Gen Parker earlier he mentioned that the US National Guard Exchange programme has been tweeked, While it was previously for SNCOs, they will now consider applications from Corporals.

    I got the distinct impression that they are looking for post-mobilisation teeth arms in particular; I did this some years ago and loved it. Every bloke in C Coy, 1/152 Inf ( Indiana ) was fatter than me.

    If you have skills that you might want to exchange with our American cousins ( thats a Warrior, its on your side; only Brits have SA80 - that kind of thing ) then so much the better.

    Closing date for applications is 20 jan, details on ARMYNET.. move now dudes...
  2. Looks great, heard about this, How long was you out there for? where do you stop on week days etc?
  3. 10 days Indiana - Camp Atterbury, day/night in Indianapolis, three days ( I think.. blur... ) in Washington DC, spending all of my pay
  4. you also have to commit to 2 camps as you have to host the merkins over hear i did it a few years ago went to Michagen it was as the merkins say AWSOME MAN the jolly round DC was a drunken blur
  5. This include LCpls?
  6. It was mentioned in our unit for all ranks including toms, but only on OC desecration
  7. We're supposedly having an exchange with a NG RTC in Texas this year, 5 coming over in time for the Tattoo, odd that, and 5 of us going over. Its not confirmed as yet and we are 'waiting out'
  8. Would that have been arranged through a certain CO with distinctive coloured hair?

    If so, you've stolen my tour you thieving git! :wink:
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

  10. :D which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, yeah it is....had you have been here....
  11. ...I'd be one rung up the ladder and 10 rungs below everyone else..... 8O
  12. I did the exchange and it was great. To the powers at be though, if a corporal does apply make sure it is a good corporal, not one who has been in for millenia and has no chance of getting their third and got the exchange as a "well done".
    I saw a cpl go recently and was embarrassed.
    Only 50 or so do this exchange in both armies and for the Yanks it is a big privilege out of an National Guard/Army Reserve in excess of 150,000 to be chosen. Sending them mongs is not a good advert for us.
  13. I actually did the exchange as a screw, which equates to E5 ( sgt ) rank with the Septics.
  14. Ive put in for it im a full screw 6th rifles my plt commander put in for it as well we had a number of snco"s go before all coming back saying it was really good told it had to be in by the begining last month by psco
  15. Don't tell everyone ! This is the first year I've been able to apply for it :D

    Has anyone who has been on the exchange in previous years been able to extend their stay in the US for a brief holiday ? I'm hoping that if I get on it I can stay out for a further week and do a bit of travelling.