Fancy finishing Shackleton's footsteps ?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by dogs_bollox, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Awesome, but they are only looking for specialised roles sadly, If an opening comes up for "pack horse / sled dragger" Id be in.
  2. Pillager, if you're young enough and fit enough, try looking at the British Antarctic Survey website. They have jobs going for all sorts of specialties and non specialties.

    A mucker of mine is off in a month or two crewing a supply ship. Flies to the Cape, takes a ship and works on the ship , including 3 weeks in the Antarctic, then stays with it to Montevideo , where he gets flown home again. 3 months duration i think.

    Alas, at 48 and with several knee ops behind me, I think my bolt has been well and truly shot ! But having done 6 winters in the sub-Arctic as a seismic surveyor, i recommend a cold climate experience at least once in your life :)
  3. Although in this case, for specialised read "poet or artist". I think I'll give it a swerve.
    If I'm lodged 30m down a crevasse with both legs folded up behind my back and my keks full of shite, the sight of Roger McGough and Tracy Emins faces peering down at me won't be much comfort.
  4. What's up Sandman ? You want to live forever ? ;-)

    To be fair, there have been a lot of great explorers who have had an artistic 'bent'. Your examples I might not rely on but I'm sure a few potential candidates will be good mountaineers who have suddenly added 'poet' or 'artist' to their resume in order to get on such a great epxedition. The late and greatest polar explorer we've ever had, Wally Herbert, was an incredible painter as well as being as hard as any man who ever walked this planet.

    After all, even David Stirling only took up his ambition of climbing Everest after being a painter 'manque' in Paris.
  5. I get that experience frequently.... such is marriage. :)
  6. No need to stir from your easy chair then? ;-)
  7. In the original kit or with all the modern gear?
  8. I'd love to do this but there's no way work/finances could allow it.
  9. Last time I checked there was no age limit or fitness standrds for BAS...