Fancy exploring military masculinity in a PHD?

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by gobbyidiot, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. This looks interesting, but I bet it wouldn't be. Mind you, if you've got the qualifications (and maybe a little private income/pension) mincing about Bristol for three years on a bit over a grand a month tax free (I think) might be ok.
  2. Sounds like a load of PC BS that will probably be just the job for Jimbo or Bob Spour types to volenteer to give interviews
  3. Removed by me.
  4. This seems like an interesting PhD (although to socially based for my interests), and I guess it could be useful when considering some of the stories in the media involving PMCs.

    Although I'm not sure if this would be funded by the MOD, Effendi - a quick google shows the supervisor seems to do research in Red Cross relevant type areas. I also think jointly funded PhDs normally pay closer to twenty grand a year (tax-free).
  5. What does this actually mean?

    "The ultimate objective of this PhD is to reveal the range and nature of strategies used to engage a ‘corporate ethos' through the nexus linking identity work with masculinity."

    What a load of cobblers.
  6. Reading between the lines this is a gay thing.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Now you've started it :)
  8. LOL. I mean it though. This absolutely the kind of thing they get up to and how they disguise their main thrust as it were. I bet its funded either by the lottery or the EU.
  9. I thought (though I might be wrong) the PhD was investigating how ex-squaddies cope with moving from a regimental environment, to carrying out the same type of work within a corporate environment, which obviously lacks the same sense of history, discipline etc. I.e. you might be prepared to sacrifice yourself to help another squaddie whilst you're serving in the army (consider the numerous examples of people putting themselves in harms way during the recent years), but would you be prepared to do it for a colleague if the same situation arose whilst working for a PMC?
  10. Removed by me.
  11. And I quote
    *The overall aim of the PhD is to investigate how transformations in soldiering ethos contribute to the changing nature of war in the 21st Century. Given that national militaries are largely successful at inculcating codes of honour, self-sacrifice and duty in their uniformed personnel, it might be assumed that the ‘corporate ethos' of Private Military and Security Companies requires veterans to reassess and reconfigure their personal and professional value systems as they make the transition from soldier to contractor. How they manage the move from the public to the private space is primarily a question of masculine organizational continuity. *

    As gay as a gay thing.