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My mucka is having a farewell party before a new life in Aus. It's fancy dress and I'm useless with ideas.

The last time I did fancy dress it was intended to be Rod Stewart, but looked like Bet Lynch.

My only ideas so far is to go as a boiled egg, with the missus as a toast soldier. Or as Yoda, but that's not very original.

It's the NAAFI, so weapons free, all suggestions considered.


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Boiled egg = Humpty dumpty?

Obviously not exactly like this but, you know....... a variation of.
funnily enough a civi mate of mine has had a weird illness that stopped her from being able to walk, she's waiting for me to convert her electric wheelchair into a Davros-mobile for halloween.

how about being an oompa loompa? or go as a pisshead (due to being legless..)
Get yourself one of these. Very popular in Oz

The orginal Steve Irwin safari Suit

ScreenHunter_41 Sep. 17 13.41.jpg

Edited to add, you'll be out of luck, there's no more left. :)

ScreenHunter_41 Sep. 17 13.48.jpg
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I could go as Ben hur in his chariot, the wife could be the horse.
I really hope you're not suggesting the penis who frequents this site.
Nah, the little green fella from Dan Dare was who i was thinking of

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