Fancy Dress - Should I.............

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by indigo, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. I'm not exactly flush at the moment and I've just forked out 40 quid for a knights costume for a 'Medieval Wedding' (long and sad story behind it!).

    THe costume should be arriving by Friday, and I've now also been invited to a halloween fancy dress party this Friday.

    Now being the sensible sort and not listening to the Emperor Mong, I dont want to wear the one Ive bought for the wedding as it will no doubt get trashed and I'll end up having to go in a GS blanket with a rope tied round my waist as Friar tuck or something!

    Digging through my cupboard I turf out my old AGC Mess Dress. Hmm I thinks to myself. Mess Dress, plus a pipe, a stick on handlebar moustache and some comedy medals (my real ones are framed!) and I could go as a dashing sergeant!

    So, the question is - Mess dress never to be used again - OK for fancy dress or what????

    Over to the floor......................
  2. AGC mess dress? So what are you going as, a cnut?
  3. Fishing for a bite? No bites here :)

    I was going to remove the rank and Corp badges so as not to be taken as a walt!
  4. [quote="indigo" ]So, the question is - Mess dress never to be used again - OK for fancy dress or what????


    Computer says "No"

    Your'e not mates with a certain James Shortt are you?
  5. Is it Halloween themed fancy dress or general fancy dress?

    Cheapest ordinary fancy dress is go undressed save for a pair of underpants. If anyone asks what you're dressed as you say you're a premature ejaculation ... "I've just come in my Y-fronts!"

  6. Thats a bit harsh! PMSL :)
  7. If you have to ask the question then people are going to laugh at you anyway, regardless of what you are dressed in, so do what you want.
  8. get out your old stay-press strides, some white socks and any other items of suitably tasteless attire and hey-presto, an instant roc-ape outfit.
  9. Stick some swastikas on the sleeves and strategically shave your moustache..............after all it was good enough for Prince Harry.

    edited to add....this is for the party, not the wedding
  10. Son... If you weren't there when Sta Prest, (note the spelling you ignorant turd), were being worn thus showing you have no clue what you are talking about you should probably slide on back into kindergarten until you can play with the big boys...

    'Cos otherwise you're just making yourself look like a cnut... Ooops, too late... :wink:
  11. Funny that. Every time I've been to a formal mess do and someone turned up in AGC mess dress I've always said "Fcuk me, is it fancy dress?"
  12. Go in your wifes clothes. Walt problem solved AND you might pick up
  13. Is it the taffeta one? Or the new one with the skirt?

    If you take the collar dogs off, you could pretend you were WRAC again.

  14. Bloke at a fancy dress party with a wig sewn into his shirt at the chest and another sewn into the front of his jeans around the crotch area.

    Question - " So, what have you come as then "?

    Answer - " A pair of cnuts "
  15. You had to do it didn't you, you mentioned "them", now the flashbacks and nightmares will kick off all over again, well thanks very much.