Fancy Dress P1ss-ups.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by hurrahfortheRE, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. After many many drunken nights wearing fancy dress and websters clothes I think this has to be the best one I have encountered. I best win the top costume prize this time.

    Fat B'stard

    Can anyone beat this???????
  2. I toyed with that one, but its Movie Characters. I did think that could be Norman Bates's mum though.
  3. hurrahfortheRE,

    Outstanding costume, at least i know where to come to borrow it.

  5. Maybes I could just borrow the clothing as I have my own belly to fill it :wink:
  6. However, have you "ATE A BABY"?

    Now thats a question.
  7. winnie mandela - always a favourate, get a mate to go as Nelson, (whom can be slapped about,during the course of the evening festivities)
  8. REALLY :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  9. I was beaten by....

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  10. I still think that the best ever was a Marks & Sparks carrier bag with leg holes cut in the base - The Patron Saint of Underware!
  11. Anyone here part of the Epic Fancy Dress Night on Byron Heights, F.I. around 89? considering the bleakness of the place the costumes that were lovingly designed and produced could have won top prizes in some Fancy Dress comps!!! we had the difficult task of equalling the Infantry lads' Farewell Byron Mega Piss Up and managed it with finesse 8) thanks to the RAF for their pressie to the section of a papier mache model of the entire Radar Complex complete to scale right down to a green army issue sock hanging on the barbed wire that had been misplaced a few months prior, and yes, the real scale variant of that tiny 2' picket stuck out of the HV Cable that sent power to the Dome was indeed my very own :oops: I think after this the RAF learnt to give all Sapper Construction Sections an actual blue print of where their shagging cables etc. run below ground!!!

    Epic Times!!! loved the old "Gozome Rotors - Wokka Wokka" song by the Crabs for anyone outgoing - "and Watch Your Replacement Come in" the classic line for the poor FNG stood at the end of the Bar wondering why they had just been crated for trying to go for a slash in the 'virtual' a painted WC scene which was part of the Bar wall and had a false door on it, once opened sirens and lights from hell would go off!!!
  12. Waterloo Lines,Podujevo,Kosovo....11 sqn........Rocky Horror/fetish night :help:
    you'd be amazed how many uses black nasty has..hehehe...and the iso containing donated clothes for the unfortunate ones. :batman: :twisted:
  13. there are always some very close to the knuckle gentlemen "come out" whenever there are fancy dress nights. (rocky horror/blue oyster club/etc)
  14. Hmm, wonder if anyone still gets away with the old kangaroo court, which made great use of the issued harry black nasty 8O