fancy dress ideas?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stet, Dec 27, 2005.

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  1. The only pub in the village where i live is doing a compolsary fancy dress for new years eve, with a theme of costumes begining with the letter "p". I'm stuck for ideas ive spoken to a few others and they all say the boring pirate,pimp, prozzy or go in my usual get up and say im a piss head or pervert but if i have to look a t1t then its going to be memerable, i was thinking maybe getting a small toy doll hanging it out of my trousers and going as a peadofile, but im not sure how the locals would respond! Any ideas please help, and no mdn i wont get a real kid to hang out of my trousers!
  2. Pimp!

    Edit to say apologies for not reading your thread all the way through before posting!
  3. This might help. Stick a Pencil up your Podex and when asked tell them you are a Pencil Sharpener.
  4. Put a dog collar on and have the doll hanging out your troosers, when asked what you are, say "Well obviously I'm a catholic priest!"
  5. go as postman pat
  6. How about a pilot!!
    Grow your head twice the size of normal people.
    Talk about yourself all night and if/when the subject changes say "that’s all very well, but about me again"
    Oh yep: you need to wear a grow-bag and make a big point about not drinking alcohol.
  7. Looking at your picture in the gallery, just cut your hair like a Brazilian and go as a cnut
  8. Cnut doesn't start with a P! You mean pussy?
  9. A bottle of Ragu poured over the body, a sprinkling of cheese and some pepperoni slices and you've got a PIZZA
  10. Dog collar, dark jacket and a liberal helping of safety pins, et voila

    Sid Vicar the Punk Priest.
  11. Pterodactyl mate. a poncho, and a hastily folded Blue Peter beak. Always a winner - sets you up to burn the morons who start a convedrsation with "I thought Pterodactyl starts with a 't'"...
  12. The king of all costumes - PENIS
  13. Dress like a prime minister and go as a presidents pet poodle
  14. Get down the scrapyard and get an old steering wheel, put it around your neck akin to a necklace and go to party:
    Princess Di
  15. Cover your self in sh!te and go as the Presidents pet poodles poo!