Fancy Dress ideas needed for an 80s theme night - urgent!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pocoyo, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Off to a 80's themed fancy dress party on Sat night (03/11). I'm hoping that the power of arrse can provide a few ideas outside of the norm, I'm expecting most of the blokes to turn up as Adam Ant or Boy george (tells you something) and half the girlies to have madonnas pointy tit outfit on.

    Mrs P and I need some inspiration, all ideas welcome but it would be nice if something was immediately recognisable as being 80's to save spending half the night explaining that it really isn't just my normal clothing.

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Go as a spitting image character!
  3. Smurf and smurfette!
  4. Disregard all the normal ideas and go as Ted Bundy, the American serial killer who was found guilty of the murder and sexual assault of 28 women.


    All you require is an ill fitting wig, black polo neck jumper and skin tight flared Farra's.

    Accessories you require are:

    1. Length of twine or stout cord

    2. A blunt instrument

    3. A thin metal rod or similar for inserting in the deceased's vagina

    4. A suitably brutalized young woman, preferrably of college age who you have battered and sexually assaulted (see 3) until she is unrecognisable and recently expired.

    You should be the life and soul of the party. As an added bonus you will have the pick of any young lady there.
  5. Are you bird or bloke?

    If Bird go as a Busty USSR Communist Cold War Warriorette.
    If Bloke go as a Busty USSR Communist Cold War Warriorette.
  6. Back combed hair for the laydeez with at least a whole can of hairspray! If your height doesn't increase by 3' you haven't done it right. Legwarmers and ra-ra skirts. Fingerless gloves.

    Guys wore white socks IIRC. Staypressed trousers. Oh the joys...

    I feel a nightmare coming on :x
  7. Or go topless and say your Sam Fox :D
  8. Dress as two incontenant old biddies ... ohhhh ... that kind of 80's.
  9. ghostbuster
    Hi-de-Hi character...yellow coat.
  10. For LVH..I'm a bloke and the Mrs isn't so ideas for both needed.

    I like the smurf ideas/spitting image but I've been toying with the idea of John Lennon, Long haired wig, headscarf thingy, small round glasses and a fake gunshot wound to the head with lots of blood? what say you?

    Padsbrat, the long haired CO has toyed with the idea of big hair and big shoulder pads but there is a risk that half the girls there are still firmly stuck in that era and would probably dress like that anyway (have you been to a mess do recently ?) she might just be regarded as stuck in a timewarp.
  11. I haven't but I really really want to go now for the p!sstaking opportunity! :lol:
  12. Go as something distinctly British old boy. How about Wurzel Gummage, Metal Mickey, Ted Rodgers and Dusty Bin, Zippy and Bungle to name but a few.
  13. Kylie and Jason.
    Rod Hull and Emu.
    The Wombles.
    Star Wars Characters.

  14. Hmm wasn't that a bloke stuffed inside a bird :? You might find that one difficult to manage for a whole evening!