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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by choff, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Ok, as unwise as this maybe I am going to consult the collective wisdom of the ARRSE community in thye NAAFI Bar.

    2 weeks notice, Fancy Dress do themed the Best of British.

    I have ruled Raoul Moat, Myra Hindley, Jamie Bulger and Maddie McCann out.

    Any decent thoughts on a suitably impressive outfit?


    Clockwork Orange
    David Bowie
    Del Boy

  2. Anyone from Sigue Sigue Sputnik

  3. A sausage........
  4. Teddy boy

    Morris Dancer

    Drag Queen
  5. What about DCI Gene Hunt? Or Boy George (that would be an awesome costume).
    John Lennon ...
  6. Guardsman?

    leather jockstrap, ball-gag and nipple clamps - Conservative MP?
  7. Tie a potato to your c0ck and go as a little dicktater. Geddit ? Little dictator ? Oh well, I'll be off then ....

  8. Abu Hamza wire coat hanger bed sheet flip flops cheap as chips
  9. Get yourself an increasingly traditional burkah and complement it with a typically British firearm. Something you'd see the length and breadth of Britain during the season. Something like a MAC-10 with a silencer, an AK-47 or one of those seni-automatic pistols that true gangstas hold sideways. Don your burkah, grab your 'gat' and run through the streets waving the gun and shouting Allah Akhbar as loudly as possible.

    Soon, your neighbourhood tactical firearms support unit will appear, followed by a brightly lit helicopter. Armed to the teeth terrorist surrounded by even more armed to the teeth coppers. What could be more British than that?
  10. Wear cheap nylon clothing. Paint your face a mottled puce colour. Use purple-died macaroni to simulate distended veins on temples and forehead. Screw face up into a piggy little mask of frustration and deeply-buried self-loathing. Hey Presto! A Daily Mail reader.

    Or you could just go as Bluto from Animal House.
  11. A mate and I were invited to a party on an RN vessel.Invite said ''Deep Sea Rig''.Not sure of what that was,I asked the Admiral's Flag Lt,who said that it could be fancy dress.Arriving at the vessel,dressed as pirates,with proper piratical swords,we found everyone else dressed very formally.We decided to press on,and mounted the gangway at the rear of the ship.Prince Charles was O o Watch and even he smiled!Great evening was had,and we trapped a couple of wren officers.Following morning,major bollocking,followed by 30 days Orderly Officer each.Worth it? Absolutely!!
  12. Dress as Michael Kane from "The Italian Job".

    Or wear an England football strip (I hear you can pick them up cheap at the moment!)
  13. Go as Lady Di!

    I think one can't go wrong with the blonde wig, white dress, steering wheel around the neck, shitloads of sim blood..