Fancy Dress Help Please!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Jimima_Shark, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. Guys and Girls

    Me and Mrs Shark are off to a "Viva Las Vegas" themed fancy dress party and we have no idea what to go as. Apart from the obvious Elvis Presley or Siegfired and Roy we really do need your help.


  2. Someone from the CSI team?
  3. easy...Hunter S Thompsons 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas*


    (*pretending to be boozed-up crack-heads should be easy for any ARRSEonian!)
  4. Let me think.....

    Poker table
    One armed bandit - (Or you could go as an One Armed Arrse Bandit.)
    Roulette wheel
    Wedge of banknotes
    Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Hamilton, Jackson, Grant, etc, etc. (All on US banknotes.)
    Any Picture Card from a pack
    Tom Jones
    Or you could force yourself to eat 200 pounds of fat, lose all grip on reality, become totally oblivious to the outside world, get your sister pregnant and go on a killing spree with a vast arsenal of weaponry killing hundreds of local school kids because it's your constitutional right! (Failing that you could always go as Bin Laden for a giggle!)

    Hope I've been some use! :p

  5. white trash in sweat pants
  6. Stuff their theme, go as a pirate and his wench. I always go to fancy dress parties as a pirate, in fact, I've gone to a couple of non fancy dress parties as a pirate.
    What can I say? pirates rock! :D

  7. You should PM Sarahjane, I'm sure 'she' will have a few outfits you could borrow.
  8. You could ask Harry if you could borrow his Nazi costume :D

  9. have a nice sparkly vegas show girl one
    sarahjane xxx
  10. Get some huge stick on beards and go as ZZ Top. They released a cover version of Viva Las Vegas!
  11. what about the flintstones - fred and whilma!
  12. Don't forget 19th September is International Talk like a Pirate Day...last year was fun in Corfu...ordering three rum punches in a bar and ending the request with "damn your eyes yo-ho-ho". Luckily the geezer was Belgian and spoke English. Enter large-scale rum fuelled piss-up.
  13. Jasus titty fcuking christ, you weird cross dressing freak, I just folowed the link in your profile, Urgh. 8O :x :evil:

    You could go as two of the characters from Oceans 11 or the Hoover Dam and a cactus.
  14. Admit it Bennett. You found the video strangely alluring. Why else do you have such strong sentiments? I wouldn't be surprised if you start emailing him/her pestering for a rendezvous. :twisted: