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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Themanwho, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. I have been invited to a fancy dress do on new year's eve. The theme is "Something beginning with M", and all I can think of is mong. Maybe I've been looking at the NAAFI too much.

    To look like a convincing mong, I was thinking red dungarees complete with crotch stains, a yellow poloneck jumper and a red labboon tied to my wrist. Anything I've missed?

    Alternatively, anything else beginning with M?
  2. Minnie Mouse ???

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  3. I'll take two, just in case I split the first one.
  4. Muppet :)

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  5. Too ginger
  6. Mario (super)
  7. So that's basically my mong outfit, ditch the labboon, put on a cloth cap and a beefer's tache?
  8. Matelot, don't forget the iPod for that authentic touch.
  9. And the cum dribbling down the chin!
  10. OK try Minger then

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  11. There's no way I'm dressing up as a bleeding sailor boy. The next thing you'll be suggesting is some loose M-link to the fucking crabs, and then I'd have to get all internet hardman on your arse and offer you out, making an ever bigger cunt of myself with each post. Not that that's ever happened before in the Naafi.
  12. Oedipus - he was a Motherfucker.
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  13. How about just wear a suit and be a Magistrate? Or just carry an axe and be a Murderer? Or wear a strap-on and pretend to be a MAN?

    Or how about being a Monk? (called Harry...)