fancy doing this over easter!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jibman, Mar 20, 2008.

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  1. Filipinos warned on crucifixions
    By Frances Harrison
    Religious affairs reporter, BBC News

    Crucifixions are an annual event in the Philippines
    Health officials in the Philippines have issued a warning to people taking part in Easter crucifixion rituals.
    They have urged them to get tetanus vaccinations before they flagellate themselves and are nailed to crosses, and to practise good hygiene.

    On Good Friday dozens of very devout Catholics in the Philippines re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

    It is something that has become a huge tourist attraction, although the Church frowns on the practice.


    The health department has strongly advised penitents to check the condition of the whips they plan to use to lash their backs, the Manila Times newspaper reports.

    Real nails are used in the re-enactments

    They want people to have what they call "well-maintained" whips.

    In the hot and dusty atmosphere, officials warn, using unhygienic whips to make deep cuts in the body could lead to tetanus and other infections.

    And they advise that the nails used to fix people to crosses must be properly disinfected first. Often people soak the nails in alcohol throughout the year.

    Every Good Friday, in towns across the Philippines, people atone for sins or give thanks for an answered prayer by re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

    Giving thanks

    In the northern city of San Fernando alone there will be three separate improvised Golgothas - the biblical name for the hill where Jesus was crucified.

    Four people there have pledged to have their feet and hands nailed to wooden crosses, while others will flog themselves while walking barefoot through villages.

    Sometimes people repeat the penance year after year, like the fish vendor who will be nailed to the cross for the 15th and last time on Friday to give thanks for his mother's recovery from tuberculosis.

    With long hair and a beard, wearing sandals and a crown of thorns, he is tied with cloth to the cross but also has nails driven through the flesh of his hands and feet, avoiding the bones.
  2. Is there not much in the way of entertainment there then?
  3. maybe we could tempt heather mills there this weekend! :twisted: they,d only need 3 nails as well,cut down on costs and labour.
  4. hmmmm what can be done with the extra nail. im thinking IN THE EYE
  5. in her mouth would be a start the dull bitch. :x
  6. yer that will stop her moaning
  7. No it wouldn't, nothing would stop her whinging.
  8. not even few million sadly.
  9. We've got the Angel of the North here, make use of it and nail the bitch to that! Now that is what I would call art.
  10. I wonder if the Filipinos will be cross about the warnings?
    I suppose that they could always have a whip round to buy a few drinks to take away the pain (though they would have to nail down the donors).
  11. They only used three for the original, he crossed his feet!

    Judging by the pix of Mills published in the past, I think the whipping wont put her off, she'll just charge you for it.
  12. The cunt Dominik Diamond made a documentary about this a year or two back. He was actually supposed to be trying it himself as a way of "reconnecting with his Catholic faith". He bottled it at the end. One of the funniest things I've seen, him trying to earnestly talk his way out off the cross while the local lads were busily lining up the hammer and nails.
  13. what a big girls blouse. 8O
  14. Or you could go to the East Leeds Lions easter Rally and spend 3 days on top of a bleak hill in Yorkshire,being rained on,with only a bus trip to Ottley on Saturday and some mediocre cover bands to look forward to.
    Im off to the Philipines,wheres my big nails!
  15. i thought crucifixition was a recreational activity in salford! :wink: