Fancy another Embra pub crawl?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Potential, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Just thought that due to being unfortunately "out of the country" for the Embra pub-crawl I'd see if anyone fancied meeting up for a repeat Embra pub-crawl and general drinking session on a weekend where I'm actually "in the country" - namely Saturday 3rd December!!

    I kind of pub crawl revisited? Interesting games could be played like "trying to locate where ... blew chunks last time..." and "find the pub where the barmaid slapped ... "

    Anyway - just an idea!
  2. that clashes with London crawl - can you come to London???
  3. Same night as London Crawl.......bad move!!
  4. Potential - quite a lot of the people coming to Edinburgh for 5th November are forking out wads of cash for air tickets and hotel rooms.

    A crawl on 3rd December sounds like a fantastic idea to me but maybe fairer to move it around the Country. Any "travellers" care to comment....
  5. ^oops, need to read other threads/type faster. Ipso factso, I rest my case.
  6. Bollocks - didn't know there were plans for a London one! Looks like I'll miss that one too (cos I'm in Embra)!!

    Moderator feel free to delete this thread as its looking like a BIIIIG waste of space!!
  7. ^Or you could fly Easyjet to Gatwick for under £50 return, I'm sure an ARRSEr down there would pick you up. I think flyglobespan do stanstead and BA are pretty cheap now to all destinations....
  8. 3rd December is London.

    Same starting place as the last time.

    PM Poppy or me for details.
  9. Problem is I'm already flying up to Edinburgh from Amsterdam for an appointment up there on the Friday - currently saving for getting hitched so it would probably total too much!! :(