Fancy a quick £4500? Come to the UK and kill our babies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AFA06, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. This is exactly why we should bring the death penalty back....

    This wasn't fcuking manslaughter, it was murder. End of.
  2. Shouldn't this be in jobs offered?
  3. I don't know, I'm not a great fan of Sharia Law really.

    Agree with the deportation though.
  4. I don't do outrage, as a rule.

    But reading that, if it's true, has made me feel quite sick. Getting a cheque for £4,500 and only 14 months in gaol, for swinging a kid around, smashing it's skull don't seem right.
  5. Seconded. :evil:

    There are times I dispair of this country. :x
  6. Daily Mail

    So the Govt accept that asylum & Human Rights laws are being absued. And how do they respond - change the law? Or bribe people not to use the law?

    BTW, if £4.5 k is typical, and if 1,000 have used the scheme so far, that means a cost of £4.5m. (And let's face it, now word is out of this woman's payments, criminals who want to use the scheme aren't going to agree to it if they're 'only' offered £2k.) Good job this govt isn't short of cash, otherwise people might start to question whether it could have been better spent.

    Another thought - once word gets out about this scheme, is the prospect of £5k an incentive to commit crime? This must be several yrs' wages in some countries, especially the ones whose citizens this scheme is aimed at.
  7. Can I suggest somebody does a freedom of information request in the hope of finding out how many of those who are deported actually return.

    Then you're heads will really spin off!!!
  8. It is truly bizarre that due to reams of legislation from home and european sources, the only way to repatriate alien criminals is:

    1. Fudge the charge.

    2. Pay them to leave.

    Providing of course, that their home country is a safe place to which they may be returned. Otherwise they will stay on at our expense for the rest of their natural lives.

    I'm off to write the risk assessment for "banging one's head against a wall" now.

  9. This both disgusts me and perplexes me.... Im seriously considering buggering off to Canada or Austrailia or anywhere else that hasnt completley joined the funny farm!

    IMO death would be too good for this vile slime.... how about permanently disfiguring the cnut and tatooing "baby killer" all over her body and not charging the mob who do her over repeatedly for anything!
  10. That shouldn't even be thought of if they commit a (serios/major) crime. Send them away.
  11. This country is starting to make me despair. That sentance was an utter joke, then to give her a bloody Wedge to go away. Sickening truely.
  12. Let me ask a question or two.

    Would you prefer Miss Wong to cost the country £4500 or over ten times that to incarcerate her?

    Do you agree with sending illegal and convicted immigrants home - how do we do this if we do not pay for them to go home.


    ". . . she shook or swung Hugo around possibly onto a bed or other soft surface causing him immediately to suffer brain damage from which he died the following day."

    equate to

    "For someone who deliberately kills someone, say for example by swinging a defenceless baby round by his ankles like a baseball bat until his skull smashes . . . . " ??

    (One was the Manchester Evening News, the other a meaningless and inaccurate blog).

    I's your blog isn't it :roll:
  13. She was given a cheque for £4500 was she? :roll:

    Or did that money pay for two burly individuals to fly to malaysia and back to get rid of her.

    AS for the swinging the victim round by his heels - read the quote above for what really happened.