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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jan 17, 2006.

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  2. A glimpse of the future. It's just a matter of time. There have already been towns in the U.S. that have outlawed smoking, even in your own home. The days coming in which you'll have to pass a PT test to keep your job and health insurance. They won't outlaw alcohol, but they'll pile on the taxes like they do with cigarettes to the point you can't afford it. Just wait.
  3. This will never happen in the UK..............Oh, sorry, aparantly it already has, and its only going to get worse when we pay a fcuk lot of money for our ID cards
  4. just before I.D cards become law, ( if it ever does) get yourself a new passport so you wont have to spend money on an I.D card at all for 10 years.
  5. Apparently, our government can now automatically check a data base to see whether we've paid our TV licence, or whether our car has current road tax or SORN. Their computers will automatically send us an £80 penalty if we have overlooked the renewal. Similarly we get an automated penalty if we fail to complete our on-line income tax return.

    Isn't it a fcuking shame that our government can't manage to automatically check a similar data base to see which paedophiles they've employed to teach our children. Of course, there's no money in that.
  6. So you'll have to actually pay for an ID card to be a legal UK citizen? Or what? You'll be fined? Even jailed? I can understand paying a fee for a driver's license, but...a fee to live? To exist? That's bullsh*t. It's almost like saying you don't have a right to breathe unless you pay a fee.
  7. and they will keep sending you snotty letters untill you pay for one. Even, if you don't own a TV. Toss ers.
  8. All in good time.
  9. We don't have to pay for a TV license. But local TV is crap. If you want any kind of variety, you have to get either cable or satellite service. And it's getting more and more expensive. I have cable, and I subscribe to the basic plus a few movie channels. $62 per month (between 40-45 pounds). I get maybe 200 channels, but it's mostly garbage. Luckily my internet's only $13 per month, but in a few years that will probably be as expensive as cable. I think I'll just say fcuk it and move to a cabin in the mountains.
  10. How will all the single parents and un-employable pay for it? I bet they get freebies. Therefore, claim benefit when the ID cards come in and get a freebie. Dont get caught working though. :twisted:
  11. What about the new rules coming in March to make G. Britain the Big Brother capital of the West? System will be in place to record the movements of all cars on the road and store the data for a period of two years. A network of thousands of cameras harnessed to software that can read a licence plate, check it against a central databank and alert police to ' suspected terrorists ' criminals and other malefactors...
    Slip out for a quick pint or a bit of frolic with the tart across town and your comings and goings will be filed for future reference..
  12. Yango, we do pay a fee to breath, its called 'council tax' ( lets face it, we get bob all else for what we pay!) The question raised with none payment is..will people be jailed for not paying? debtors prisons went out years ago, yet people are still being jailed for not paying a debt, e.g council tax, t.v licence etc, is the goverment breaking its own laws here and breaching human rights? after all a prison sentence is supposed to be for those who need to be kept away from the public because they pose a danger to the public, and unless a person actually goes beserk and throttles the t.v licence detector bloke, ( which is quite possible i suppose) then i can't see the point in jailing him, after all he will then watch t.v for free while he serves his time. Apparently the I.D cards will cos anything upto £300 each, hence renewing your 10 year passport and avoiding the fee.
    I hold a current full uk driving licence, a birth certificate, a national insurance number, a medical number, an I.D card for my job, what more do i need to prove who i am???
  13. So thats why they ask for the number when you call Dominoes.....

    That has actually happened to me, I called on my dads mobile and gave them my house number and they ring the house number to check on who lives there!
  14. Before long, your ID card will have a bar code representing your DNA profile, criminal record, etc. And a GPS tracking chip in your scalp, inserted at birth. And it will all be justified by the simple phrase "for the public good."
  15. TV licensing were after me for a couple of years - had no TV as hardly ever at my flat. In letters they wrote to me they wanted to "discuss the circumstances" of me not having a TV!! I wrote back and told them I am at home Mon to Fri from 2000 to 0700 but not there at the weekends, so feel free to pop around when I am there - they never did :lol:

    GF ruined it by giving me a TV and buying a license for me so she could watch the soaps when she was there :roll: