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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mucus, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Yes, let's spam the only means we have of communicating with our Government. What an excellent idea. Is that his phone number?
  2. Well, if they're not swanning about enjoying themselves in Iraq and Afghanistan at the taxpayer's expense, perhaps they'll find something else to do with their time.

    Like tracking down the address linked to a certain telephone number.

    For example.
  3. Nope not a real number, tried ringing it and got "Number not recognised".
  4. Seemed like a good idea to post it here, after reading it on the grays lane thread, so we can vent here rather than go off on one there, if you see what I mean....
  5. I'm Caubeen (no apologies to Spartacus) :)
  6. I was thinking about a anti NIMBY'ism petition, but the beer won the arguement........
  7. I saw the name on the petition and burst out laughing :D .
  8. Three hours ago no names and suddenly very sophisticated members of the public and high ranking retired personnel have come out the woodwork.

    you lot are very, very naughty ARRSERS :twisted:
  9. who, us? :oops:
  10. Moi :oops:

    Anyway caubeen got me into trouble with the Iranians. :D
  11. I do have the daftest name though.
    Beat that!!! ;-p
  12. Farquhar U. Cnut
    C. Lee-Farquhar
    Do1 Butt-Plug
    VB Di-Oria
    Anthony N Imby, Gray's Lane KT211BU
    Ratko ( Srebrenica cleansing and Omarska never did any harm) Mladich
    P. Enis
    Brigadier Caubeen Retd
    Ashtead Park Estate Management Company Ltd
    Nimby Toss-Pot
    Colin Caubeen-DungSmuggler,Mons Star, Maj Gen (Retd).
    Gerald is Gay
    Maj Gen B. Ell. End VD and scar order of Mucus of arrse, asbo and bar
    Shazza Mugabe, OC Anti-Tambourine Pln, Ist Bn Dagenham Girl Pipers (McKelvie's Own)
    Tom Neutron Dung aka Sun N D
    Brigadier Frankie Vaughan, Keeper of the Royal Porn, Buckingham Palace

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. You will all burn in hell for this :twisted:
  14. Lord ram-a-dam a ding long, keeper of Nigerian Bank Transfers, has arrived :D