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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bigjarofwasps, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Check this out, I won`t spoil it by giving the game away, but check out Ebay.......


    Total and utter rubbish, anyone who buys this on the grounds of whats in the description wants shooting!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy ho,ho,ho. :D
  2. LMAO, but shorly more of a NAFFI bar post!
  3. If she did work for 14 wouldn't it be a opsec breech as they have their name and number on it whilst stating that she might have worked for them. It is probaly some walt bigging the medal up anyway.

    Lads or lasses from those units (except sig bird who was bullied) would declare such events to the public. It can be rather dangerous to pull up a sandbag and chat about your days as an operator.
  4. Judging by her number and the condition of the medal, she`s a `crow` anyway!!! More likely she was in a med centre somewhere!!!!
  5. British Army

    Full Size!

    GSM Campaign Medal With

    Northern Ireland Clasp

    Awarded & Correctly Named to:

    Q1039108 L/CPL K.FORBES RAMC

    'Royal Army Medical Corp'

    14 Int/SAS?

    Very Rare Female issue!

    A Superb & very,very rare quality Un-Mounted Campaign Service Medal with Northern Ireland Clasp issued to a female member of The British Army's Royal Army Medical Corp - Many females who bravely served in Northern Ireland were attached to the 14Int Specialist Intelligence teams working alongside The SAS,worth researching - either way Not Many of these Female issue Medals around

    Original Ribbon,with a swivel bar and Suspension fitting.

    Heavy-Weight & Named as issued Full size Medal

    100% Genuine Original!

    Very Good Condition!

    'Royal Army Medical Corp'

    'Very Rare Female issue'

    Please take a look at our other Military items listed! Thanks

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  6. "Many females who bravely served in Northern Ireland were attached to the 14Int Specialist Intelligence teams working alongside The SAS,worth researching "

    It does not state that the previous own was attached to SAS/ 14 Int.
    It's a bit like saying I'm selling a Ford Escort, Princess Diana used to drive a Ford Escort, I have not reseached the owner ship of this car so it might have been hers!

    In short a bull sh!t artist of a sales man.
  7. 150 Beer Tokens for a NI GSM .... 8O

    What are these people on? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Its worth £50 tops, maybe £65.
  9. Where do you drink that is £1 a pint?? :?

    Is there a medal festish out there, or is eBay not only the Walts' stores but also the RAOs handing out Gongs and ID cards to who ever wants them 8O
  10. Its very mint looking, a full size replica re-engraved?
  11. what a load of shite she wants killing.
  12. I think I may know her (not in the biblical sense I might add)
  13. Flippin' 'eck!

    Ebaying a GSM awarded for 30 days' legs opening for the benefit of the troops, probably in Hollywood.

    They could have been SAS, but she'll never know, as Hereford taught them to get in and out without anybody noticing.....

  14. Has anyone seen the sellers other auction items!
  15. I collected my NI GSM from RHQ 10 minutes ago. It doesn't have my number on it, or full stops between the letters of my Corps. Hers doesn't come with the box it was issued in yet it's still unmounted? I'll go with mad_moriarty and say replica.