Fancy a C-130, a CH53, an AH-1S Cobra, a Skyhawk or a Kfir ?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by fantassin, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Isn't the KFIR a robbed-off Mirage 5?
  2. The Israeli's are starting to replace their C-130H's with C-130-30J's... AFAIK, the first two are in the process of being delivered.
  3. Do they take paypal?
  4. Fantassin - they're all excellent choices of equipment if you want to re-enact Yom Kippur. You can get much better deals on second hand Typhoons and I'd imagine the same for Rafale shortly :)
  5. Interesting to see they are flogging off their Galil rifles too; apparently, in spite of all the sales drives, it never caught on IDF troopers like the CAR-15 and then M-4s did. Not to mention the fact that American rifles come through FMS....

    I think the FRA armed forces should get a deal on 6-9 CH53s for their Op in Mali; would make life a lot easier...
  6. Uzis as well, sadly not with the wooden furniture though.

  7. Thought they were going over to the Tavor?
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    quite a bit more capable, I was always led to believe, as it was pretty thoroughly re-engineered rather than just a straight copy (the Nesher, the Kfir's predecessor, was more of a straight copy.) they re-engined it with the J79 (as used in the f-4), rejigged the cockpit and electronics and made it a much better aircraft than the 5. (I stand to be corrected by others with more knowledge, however.)
  9. A M-60A3 Main Battle Tank now that's the thing to drive in to Croydon tonight.
    Easily get a car park space right outside the pub & no worries about the chavs complaining.
  10. The Austrians operated a couple of CH-53's in the 1980's IIRC. Ironically, they sold them to Israel because of high operating costs...
  11. They are, though it is taking a while. Presumably M4s/CAR-15s/M16s from units now using Tavors are being used to replace the remaining Galils in other units. From December 2012:

    IDF phasing out M-16 in favor of Israeli-made Tavor | JPost | Israel News

    New Gun Overview: IWI TAVOR SAR, Part One | The Truth About GunsThe Truth About Guns
  12. I can't remember the last time I saw a conscript or reservist using a Galil. Saying that I have not yet seen a reservist with a Tavor either. Its M4/CAR-15/M16 stock.