Fanatic who shouted abuse at troops given police protection

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mon_colonel, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. From todays Telegraph nice to see police time being wasted on this piece of sh1t

    "Muslim fanatic who shouted abuse at troops given police protection
    Police gave around the clock protection to a Muslim activist who allegedly hurled abuse at British soldiers after his home was attacked.

    Yousaf Bashir was among a group of extremists who protested against a homecoming parade in Luton earlier this month.

    Police had to protect him after windows were smashed at the home he shares with his parents in the town.

    Patrick Mercer, the Conservative MP, said: "You have to wonder whether police time wouldn't have been better spent countering terrorism."

    Officers were called at around 11.30pm on Friday after two windows and glass in the door at the Dellcot Close property were broken in the attack.

    Police were then back there at around 10.30pm on Saturday evening when one of its residents reported "suspicious" activity outside.

    Officers remained stationed in the street until dawn, prompting claims that the occupant had received special treatment in the form of a 24-hour police guard.

    Neighbour Kevin Hattle, 52, said: "I am appalled. My shed was broken into and a motorbike was stolen, but the police did not even come out."

    A man who answered the door at the house, where a Yousaf Bashir is listed in the electoral roll, refused to confirm if he was Mr Bashir, or if he was involved in last Tuesday's protests.

    But neighbours in the quiet cul-de-sac, many of whom have hung Union Jack bunting outside their houses, said they recognised Mr Bashir's face in television and newspaper reports of the protest.

    A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman said: "There is no 24-hour police guard. It is what we would call a police watch. It was to give reassurance to him and also everybody else on the close.

    "Other residents approached us because they were concerned about the damage going on. The police watch is for everybody who lives on that close.

    "A police watch is an ongoing measure that we put in place for locations where we are having persistent problems and it's to pay an extra level of attention to those areas when we are able to, to provide reassurance to those people who are residents there."

    She added: "We will stay in that police area until any potential risk has subsided."

    During a homecoming march by the 2nd Bn, the Royal Anglian Regiment on March10, a group of around 20 men in traditional Islamic dress held up banners and placards that read: "Anglian Soldiers Butchers of Basra", "Anglian Soldiers Criminals, Murderers Terrorists" and "Baby killers", while shouting "terrorists" and "Anglian soldiers go to hell".
  2. That's nothing more than a little local justice being measured out. The police are more than happy to take action on a isolated incident but not 20 acts of public order offences. No doubt the Luton police will be raiding the Luton branch of the Royal British legion.
  3. windows and door glass broken? is that it? come on fella's dont fcuk about, petrol bomb them!! its the only language they know
  4. Poetry
  5. Next time my car gets broken in to, and I have to wait 8 hours for the police to turn up and tell me that they can't even fingerprint because the heat will have melted the fingerprints....

    I'm just going to tell them that I am a Muslim Extremist persecuted for my views on Soldiers. That should have around in a jiffy.
  6. First question: What is your ethnic Origin? Answer :Muslim.
    Well we had better react then and show that we are doing something.

    First Question: What is your ethnic origin? My answer: WTF? for what its worth male caucasion UK citizen.
    Someone from victim support will be in touch .

    Absolutely true facts, there is a double standard in the police service as imposed by the home office
  7. I notice the article gives away enough information to make tracking the house down a cinch.....
  8. Good drills by the local community. Show these scumbags that their actions are NOT appreciated. Can't endorse the criminal damage but thumbs-up for the bunting and flags.

    These twats have the right to say what they want (for the moment, anyway) but they'll soon learn that its not always in their best interest to use that right! :D
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He's just a normal bloke, living in a normal close and his house has been attacked merely because of his religious views.

    Let's not go on a crusade please folks . . . . . . DOH! :x
  10. I noticed that ..... probably the only house in the street without Union Jack bunting as well :D

    'But neighbours in the quiet cul-de-sac, many of whom have hung Union Jack bunting outside their houses'
  11. Dont mention the crusades, thats oppressive!!
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Here's looking at you!

    Edited to add: This is a link to a beautiful English close in urban England - look upon it and the surrounding greenery and marvel at what a fantastic place we live in.
  13. Much as I detest this cnut I think the people smashing his parents windows are chav scum, who's to say his parents hold the same views.

    And further to that we live in a country were one has the right to protest, or at least used to before new labour banned it. If you dont like what he says, hold a placard up saying "you believe in a backwards religion started by a pedophile" .
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Your windows won't get broken if you say that - they'll issue you with a death sentence or Fatwa and you'll be stabbed to death in the streets, or you'll be beheaded.

    Horses for courses me old son.
  15. True as it may be, that is incitement to religious hatred and illegal in the UK.
    We do NOT have universal freedom of speech in this country and its a GOOD thing. It means we can ban cunts like this bloke from protesting against soldiers.